Insight a gift or a burden The Great Wall is trying to take advantage of Wei faction breaking the cu

Insight: a gift or a burden? The Great Wall is trying to take advantage of "Wei faction" breaking the curse of high-end the Great Wall automobile chairman Wei Jianjun (click to view the latest figures News) although low-key, but never evade the issue, when Harvard H8 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) three "rebirth" regression, he still believes his judgment, "the Great Wall car will soon go high-end dead", Wei Jianjun said, must be independent to break, this is unavoidable problem. Not surprisingly, Wei Jianjun in November 16th will bring the Great Wall automobile new high-end brand, as the brand name, the Great Wall car to clarify the announcement that is not reported by the media "lanlink" brand, and the media broke the news yesterday in the Great Wall or by "Wei" brand. The the Great Wall new high-end brand, public opinion had dispute but still be in full swing, the Great Wall style, did not see any official propaganda, to retain a sense of mystery. It is understood that the the Great Wall in April this year to apply for a new brand, in September officially approved, English name or "Weiy" (or "Veiy"), a query from the trademark information display, "Wei" brand including land, air, water or rail for vehicles, unmanned vehicles (autopilot) electric vehicles, cars, etc.. Objectively speaking, the Great Wall’s new high-end brand "Wei" will be more challenging than the "H8", this, Wei Jianjun should be very clear, once the H8 is at Harvard brand system in a high-end products and brand new exploration, now can be said to be from scratch, from brand positioning, product planning and marketing strategy to channel construction and so on are in accordance with the needs of a high-end brand management system mode of operation. In fact, thanks to the A new force suddenly rises. SUV market, independent brands have to challenge the high-end, generally divided into two lines, one is the "low profile" attempt, such as Guangzhou and Changan try in the existing brand system launched in GS8 and CS95 and other high-end products, like Chery, Ji Li and the Great Wall based view and "LYNK & CO" brand new "high profile", another way to seek a breakthrough. Regardless of who who success or failure, the collective force of high-end process, the Great Wall as "the bright younger generation should seriously consider" does its gain and loss. How to locate a new high-end brand? The Great Wall now need to reflect the view, to avoid making the same mistakes. The beginning of the establishment of the qoros to complete separation with the Chery brand in the brand into the domestic market from overseas, with an independent attitude. However, one side is the high-end line of Chery side is to view the new brand image, the two should support each other to a certain extent, qoros in maintaining brand management independently, still need to rely on the dealer network and market foundation of existing Chery, which pulled Chery brand, and then how to say it should not completely the separation. Just imagine, who can accept a new slogan without the background light shouting slogans? Brand vision and market expectations of the gap will eventually make a brand lose combat effectiveness. In contrast, Geely’s new high-end brand, taking the same Quxianjiuguo mode first hit the European market, using the advantage of the parent brand gene from the date of birth, Volvo for its endorsement of high-end strategy, Geely opened the market for it, at least from the current point of view.相关的主题文章: