International cooperation for the establishment of Silk Road community television; China film

International cooperation for the establishment of   Silk Road community television; China film wings – the media – original title: China film "going out" wings on August 26th, "international cooperation community" Silk Road TV set in Beijing. From five continents, 29 countries and regions of the 41 media and production organizations to become the first member of the community. This is CCTV, a China International Television Corp founded the International Film + full media cooperation platform, not only opened the window for TV cooperation between countries along the Silk Road, has provided a rare opportunity for China film "go out". From "sell the program" to "open time" "channel" Chinese film output ranked second in the world, the TV series production of tens of million sets, China International Television Corp currently has reserves of 23 languages for nearly 3000 hours of dubbing program. But for a long time, in foreign countries, we lack the spread of the channel and landing platform, stuck in the Chinese film going out neck. "Channel to build" an important part of international cooperation community members’ Silk Road TV cooperation." CCTV vice president Wei Dichun said, "it is expected to solve the problem of obstruction Chinese film" going out "." In August 26th, the day of the establishment of the international cooperation community "Silk Road TV, Kampuchea local channel Hi-Cambo!" The official launch, which is following the "Hi-Indo!" After another China International Television Corp operating in the localization of overseas channels. "Hi-Cambo!" Kampuchea will provide comprehensive entertainment and documentaries and other aspects of television content, many of which are about china. At present, Vietnam, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Czech, Kampuchea, Indonesia and other countries have opened up the channel of the Chinese Program ("Hi+ country!") Exclusive or time (global call sign "China Hour"), the UK, India, Burma and other places will also launch time or channel in the year. Indonesia Elent media group chief operating officer Junfie Lie in the introduction of Hi-Indo!" Said that through this channel broadcast Chinese programs, in fact, enhance the influence of Chinese culture, so that both sides to enhance understanding of the people, but also to become a new generation of Chinese language in Indonesia, the second language. "International community" Silk Road TV cooperation framework, China will build more communication "Chinese voice" in the world of platforms and channels, so as to promote the China film "go out", from "sell the program" to "build channel transformation" upgrade. "Borrowed boat" China tells the story once the annual domestic box office champion "Thailand?", in a foreign country has suffered the embarrassment of "foreign No one shows any interest in, because the audience generally reflect cannot read," the deep-seated reasons behind the cultural barriers to Chinese and foreign audiences are very different to the understanding of humor. "To solve the cultural barriers, to" borrow a boat to go to sea ", through the mouth of another story about Chinese, may be better than our self effect." China International Television Corp vice president Tang Shiding said, "for example, in 2015 China and Czech in the animated film")相关的主题文章: