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IT hot: global media comment iPhone  7  Sa Beining was " " –IT–; telecommunications fraud; review: what is the highest degree of concern of Apple products? That must be iPhone. But most of the morning yesterday to stay up late watching Apple conference friends, and not too many surprises. In the global media comment iPhone 7 Tucao mode is on September 8th Beijing time news, apple today officially released the iPhone 7 7Plus, in the face of exterior design does not progress, and the price (the price), the global media opened Tucao mode for apple. With > > > telecommunications fraud case – Sa Beining: you know Legal Report choking back the rampant phenomenon of telecommunications fraud has recently sparked heated debate yesterday, CCTV "Legal Report" program group official micro-blog posted a host Sa Beining suffered telecommunications fraud telephone recording, instantly detonated network of public opinion. Cheat on the phone said xiaosa is "traffickers", in the small and show their presenter legal identity, burst foul language xiaosa threat. With > > > – followed by a hot play "psychological warfare" really "impossible to guard against telecommunications fraud"? Telecommunications fraud crisis is not flat, the real name system for press due to telecom fraud tainted way virtual operators is uncertain, only 2 years the development of virtual operators should decide on what path to follow? Experts believe that virtual operators also need to improve the service through intensive and meticulous farming, or "go out", participate in international competition and seek development. With > > > – 360 released the first domestic telecommunications fraud situation analysis report recently, the continued high incidence of telecommunications fraud, a huge threat to the public property and personal safety. September 7th, Internet security company 360 released in Beijing, the situation of the analysis of the 2016 China Telecom fraud report. With > > – virtual operators real name deposit tricky insiders secret support card "insider mostly involved in telecommunications fraud 170, 171 mobile phone number can find real information, but these so-called" real name registration number actually before the sale has been the real name bound an identity card, but the registration the information is not necessarily the actual use of this line, commonly known as "raise card". With > > >   (next page; commissioning editor: easy Xiao, Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: