James Soong four steel of Tang Qiming strip jumped into the sea and died mysteriously in Beijing-brock lesnar

James Soong "four steel" of Tang Qiming strip jumped into the sea and died mysteriously – Beijing [global network Roundup] according to the Taiwan news network reported on September 13th, the 80 year old former Taipei municipal government news director Tang Qiming, on the evening of 11 to Keelung Mu Shan beach, will leave the belongings of 10 thousand yuan in cash and clothing jumped into the sea and drowned, died mysteriously. 12 am, Tang Qiming’s body was salvaged helicopter. It is understood that Tang Qiming and Qin Jinsheng, Ma Jieming, Xia long has been called James Soong’s "four big steel", from the era of trade unions on the way to follow James Soong, former director of the provincial society, responsible for liaison with non-governmental organizations, the popular James Soong value. It is reported that the Keelung City Fire Bureau 11 evening 10 to get the message, that there is an old wooden mountain sea diving missing, fire and rescue personnel all night search failed, until the 12 day at 8 pm, found a man floating in the sea in the vicinity of the movement of people, then reported the case, but the drowning man after being salvaged has no signs of life. Later confirmed that the deceased was former Taipei city government news director Tang Qiming, was wearing only underwear and shoes. Rescuers found the Tang Qiming purse on the shore, there are certificates and cash 10 thousand yuan, it is understood that the incident he and sea fishing people chat together, then suddenly jumped into the sea off the clothes, the water to the police investigation.相关的主题文章: