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Krypton gold online but refused to buy genuine single people what attitude why are you willing to spend 1000 yuan to buy a superior xuanbing sword is not willing to spend a few hundred dollars to buy my game? Why did you buy a train of weapons to strengthen the stone refused to buy my genuine game? Why are you full of 12 VIP also refused to buy my genuine game? Is my game not fun? (a face Meng)…… Today, I will take you to the 818 why you are not willing to buy my genuine game! The words in front of this article’s theme is for the PC end "game" and "prepaid mode" and "free experience of domestic online games props charging mode between the difference and experience of consumer psychology analysis, game player. No matter where are you the way God, think it is wrong, please attach a message, view. Welcome to correct me. First experience & after experience, which do you choose? When it comes to what kind of game should pay for this issue, we still have to two types of common ground, different points, as well as the payment process to move out to talk about. The first is the "content" paid "game" as everyone knows, the domestic PC end to buy genuine game the most easy ways that only few, Steam, cedar fruit store and so on platform is most simple, catch up with a spring festival but also a discount, but it is also very cheap, the source of many genuine game player hand chop. Now think of a really horrible, in order to buy a game on their own hand cut, more pain ah (funny). As most of the domestic users Steam platform just to be able to act as an example. Players into the Steam Mall – through a variety of channels to find their favorite games – view a variety of fancy evaluation & wind rating – paid to buy into the game – experience content. In contrast, the "free online games" have obvious differences, despite a series of search process stage of the game, game player in the game and feel good after download can directly enter the game, resulting in the game experience, then touch the pressure in the game, and finally to produce premium demand. To sum up is that a "genuine single" will provide the best gaming experience and content for you under the existing conditions after you pay in advance, because the way in making the work they do not bother to consider how to set up checkpoints to promote the game player charge money, but will try to use the content to please let the game player. Game player think this is a very good game. "Free online games" is to put pressure on when the game player did not spend money, this kind of pressure according to the different strength of operators will be different, the pressure may not krypton can barely rely on game player to play for time, did not limit the operation may make the game player even the task to go. Plainly, this is not the most in the game player for the game player vapidity provide the greatest pain, then let the game player to eliminate these pain with money. When it comes to this, some readers may not be able to see, shouting "you shut up! I have 0 krypton four SSR!" So, I just want to say that this is only a relatively small minority groups, after all, most people don’t like you do not spend money to enjoy the game player RMB treatment, we discuss only macroscopic phenomena rather than individual case. Of course, some players will say,".相关的主题文章: