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Liaoning heating period the first half and 40 sewage enterprises – Beijing, Beijing, Shenyang, November 15, (Zhang Ying) Liaoning provincial Environmental Protection Bureau issued 15 news, November 1st to 15, Liaoning Province, sewage gas checks involving 2806 enterprises, 40 enterprises were investigated. According to reports, half a month before the heating period, Liaoning province has dispatched environmental law enforcement personnel 4151 people, and 40 environmental problems of enterprises, including Shenyang Coking Gas Co. Ltd., Shenyang antibiotic factory and Shenyang Normal University Shenyang 11 enterprises, 5 enterprises in Dalian, Fuxin 5 enterprises, 6 enterprises in Panjin. It also includes Anshan, Fushun, Benxi, Liaoyang, Tieling, Chaoyang, Huludao and other enterprises. The problem is investigated and dealt with polluting enterprises, including suspected excessive emissions of pollutants, no environmental protection procedures for the boiler, coal pile is not effectively covered, etc.. Among them, 33 companies issued order rectification notice, the implementation of the seizure of 3, limiting the production of production 8, intends to implement the 20 administrative penalty, intends to implement consecutive daily fines of 5 cases. The next step, the Liaoning provincial environmental law enforcement personnel will continue to increase the sewage enterprises involving gas inspection efforts on environmental law issues found, will be punished strictly as possible; exceed the standard of sewage enterprises, shall implement consecutive daily fines; for pollution control equipment is not normal operation, snuck, monitoring data fraud that will be transferred to the public security organs in the implementation of administrative detention; on illegal sewage problems, not solve the long-term or repeated investigations repeat offenders, the provincial environmental protection department shall supervise the handling. (end)相关的主题文章: