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Lu Yi spent "male" ending "in the mood for husband" blood agents again screen – Sohu’s "Lu Yi Lu Yi" in the mood for entertainment mood snatch Lu Yi and foreigners Sohu entertainment news the day before, by Lu Yi, Guo Degang, Jia Nailiang, OD, Jin Shengzhu, the six men of God in the star travel documentary "in the mood for God" this coming Saturday night at the Oriental TV 20:30 successful ending. It is reported that the "pattern of husband" Lu Yi’s performance in the program is extremely suction eye, not only with the audience appreciate the unique scenery of Eastern Europe, also show their language, cooking, sports skills all-round ability. However, the program ending male gods did not go far, continue to open the screen of style, by Lu Yi Zhao Liying and starring in the burning Spy Drama "rouge" also set file in September 27th in the East, Zhejiang two TV blockbuster launch, fans are ready for a new wave of Lu Yi blood man Charm attack it! Lu Yi "the father" off the warm intimate audience could not bear to see the adorable, reality show "in the mood" – this Saturday will usher in the finale, show Lu Yi showing continental style, around eastern Europe, enjoy the more than millions of ring powder. Warm he not only show their excellent team for cooking, brothers cook delicious delicacy. Also incarnation of human flesh GPS and foreign language translation machine, walking in the streets of Eastern Europe, Russia, a big mouth to spit out the standard Russian cavity, so that the brothers envy. In addition, Lu Yi’s game skills seemed hanging open, archery, diving, water rafting and other extreme challenges all be nothing difficult game industry old driver, he must be. In the play, Lu Yi will sprinkle food inadvertently, often hang Bao Lei in the mouth, show a good hand of love, "but family man" is a consistent evaluation of Lu Yi brothers. The audience has long been accustomed to lick the screen weekly burst table skills Lu Yi, now the program is about to wrap up, we have expressed dismay, Lu Yi continue to spread grain ruthless abuse: "Wang program was to wrap up imperceptibly, I have not seen enough Wuli Poseidon for father, I would rather eat a few mouthfuls of food, for God don’t go!" Lu Yi’s "secret identity" on the belief of immortal another spy storm is understood by Lu Yi Zhao Liying and starring in the burning Spy Drama "rouge" has been set file in September 27th in the East, Zhejiang two TV broadcast. Bid farewell to the "warm heart" in the mood for men in caring "the father", the Lu Yi as a three identity agent "Zhou Yuhao" in the play, the shuttle in between the Japanese army and the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, constantly changing identity. Lu Yi is no longer a second program was identified as "warm male god man", a complex psychological and elusive agents thrilling spy plot as the mystery of his character is covered with a layer of more profound. According to the drama side that not only has a changeable identity in the play Lu Yi, also comes with a gunslinger method, can’t help recalling in the "program" in the mood for team Lu Yi riding archery medical skill, it is true skill and genuine knowledge! From the exposure of the stills, handsome male God left brain blood war armed cloak style, I sit on the bench waiting fans had good drama launch: "cunning spy,!相关的主题文章: