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Male abstinence is too long, the spermatozoon can be met really old? Sohu – maternal one adult male although can generate 70 million -1.5 million sperm per day, but only 1-2 can have the egg, wonderful life, began to sperm and eggs in this rare chance in the beautiful encounter. Eugenics perspective, the high quality of sperm is a good foundation of eugenics. First, do not let your sperm to 1 old, abstinence time is too long, the sperm will be aging? — have a degree of abstinence sperm growth have a certain period, need to moderate emptying, to maintain a good quality The new supersedes the old., usually after an ejaculation, 24 to 48 hours, can automatically replenish fresh and good quality of sperm. If long-term abstinence, sperm aging, quality decline, or even because of the organization’s "absorption", so that the amount of sperm gradually reduced. Some studies have found that due to the long-term separation of the couple after a long period of abstinence, a few times before the injection of semen contains a lot of aging sperm, sperm quality may be greatly reduced at this time oh. Therefore, abstinence must have degree. Before the arrival of his wife’s ovulation period, the husband can abstinence 3-7 days. If more than 7 days, the survival rate and viability of sperm will decline, long-term abstinence to increase the chance of pregnancy is not advisable. 2, masturbation is too frequent, sperm aging? — take it easy masturbation sperm in the generation and development of every day, every day there are a lot of mature sperm, if masturbation is accidental, no big impact on the physical and mental health, is the quality of the sperm will not affect. However, long-term or frequent masturbation will have a negative impact on the physical and psychological. Frequent masturbation can cause decline in semen quality, reduced sperm count, and loss of libido, premature ejaculation and other symptoms, some because ejaculation threshold stimulation increased, so that it cannot in normal sexual life ejaculation, may affect fertility, so to pregnant men, masturbation can go slow. 3, waiting for the egg too long, the sperm will be aging? — in the fallopian tube to wait too long, "energy" is not enough pops, men from each of about 2-4 million sperm, but successfully swam to female tubal tens to one hundred or two hundred, sperm can survive for 24-72 hours in the fallopian tube, the elite of the elite can fertilise the egg. If you miss the best time and sperm egg encounter in the fallopian tube, three or four days before the egg sperm stagnant for too long be long in coming, will aging because of "energy" for too long, full of vigor and vitality become less sperm egg binding, thus affecting the success rate. Beijing Tianlun Hospital experts suggest that men from the details of life and good habits, to protect their sperm. Only to maintain the vitality of sperm can make more sperm "through" into the fallopian tube, increase the probability of successful combination of sperm and egg. Two, let your sperm vitality of the 1, the top three foods to be close to high vitamin food: eat rich in vitamin green vegetables and fruits help to improve the quality of sperm, enhance sperm activity. The food is especially recommended for tomatoes, which are rich in tomatoes.相关的主题文章: