Man and female colleagues take a photo of his wife to make a mistake to divorce

Male and female colleagues shoulder pictures make want to divorce his wife misunderstood the original title: male and female colleagues shoulder pictures make want to divorce his wife misunderstood "because of a female colleague with the photo, wife to a divorce, as for?" Recently, the reader Chen Lei told reporters that, shortly before going out with a female colleague accidentally photographed Zhang Hezhao, his wife said after seeing two people too close. No matter how he explained, his wife did not listen, but also has been clamoring for a divorce at home, two people almost ruined the marriage of 3 years. After dinner and female colleagues took a photo at noon yesterday, the reporter saw the 2 floor of the Wangfujing in Shapingba, Chen Lei. He was 31 years old, height of about 1 meters, is currently in the micro electric park, a company doing interior decoration design, wife Tan Qian is a project cost division. Chen Lei said he and his wife met 5 years, married for 3 years, has not yet been a child. "Every aspect of his wife is very good, is a temper, suspicious." Chen Lei said that the wife could easily be look at his mobile phone WeChat, QQ chat, also asked him to keep a distance and a friend of the opposite sex with the opposite sex, once found will go too close, shouting, the home was broken glass bowl seven or eight. Not long ago, one day at noon, Chen Lei and 4 colleagues to meet for dinner, there is also a colleague of the Department of the beauty of small feng. After dinner on his way back to the company, colleagues Naozhuo taking pictures while walking, we still booing Chen Lei and Xiao Feng also come one, "I don’t want to make love, but colleagues joke, also promised not to live by." The wife saw that they had one leg after Chen Lei saved, this thing is over. One night a week ago, Tan Qian suddenly took her husband’s mobile phone look up, see the photo of Chen Lei and Xiao feng. "What is this? You two are very close, so close." Chen Lei immediately realized that things are not good, and quickly explained, "you think too much, this is our colleagues in the department." But Tan Qian didn’t believe it. After a quarrel, Tan Qian fell off the mobile phone, shut the bedroom door crying. Yesterday, Chen Lei told reporters that the photos have been deleted in the evening, but according to his description, when the two photographs, Xiao Feng left himself in the right, Xiao Feng right hand on his left shoulder, right to his head. Reporter Chen Lei through the circle of friends to see Xiao Feng, about 1 meters around 6, with oval face. "She is beautiful, but a colleague is normal, does not mean I have two." Chen Lei said. Do not listen to any explanation just want to get married that night, the couple did not say a word, in the evening Chen Lei slept in the living room. The second day, he summoned the courage to apologize to his wife SMS, but his wife does not care, think of a photo so big trouble, Chen Lei very depressed. Since then, Chen Lei explained to his wife numerous times, the other side is not to listen anyway, she is not noisy nor noisy, that is, want to divorce." He also heard the wife specially to co-workers about Xiao Feng news, this also angered him, now two people ignore each other and are downhearted. Chen Lei’s colleague, said Mr. Han, the same day at noon he was also present at the dinner, after the event, while also taking a side chat, I did not see what they have intimate Jun相关的主题文章: