Marin live Q 4396 what does it mean that users reply my lumbago-vidalia

Marin asked what 4396 live users reply to my lumbago LGD Marin and usual in opening a live fish. However, some friends of the water barrage mad brush 4396, with rhythm. The Marin also directly in the game asked EDG what is the meaning of a single Pawn4396. This is simply a barrage of explosions. Because is Korean, most users do not know what you mean. So they began to guess. Some people say that Marin is in the factory manager ridicule too much food, and more friends for Pawn back to the road: I am low back pain. The EDG’s S6, can let a person back pot factory. Joker broadcast also said that China is not a lack of a godsend, now requires the analyst coach. Backward tactics are the main reason. However, the Marin live asked Pawn4396, estimated that Pawn did not know how to answer the heart. After returning to EDG, director of broadcasting, the barrage also mad brush 4396, the director of direct sowing. As a teammate, Pawn will certainly not take 4396 to find the director happy. Since Marin asked, general Pawn had to answer. I do not know which friends can translate the water, Xiao Bian also want to know what it means. (message competition world) happy together! A woman always wanted to be on the headlines (Photos)相关的主题文章: