Men see the money spent 3 days after the robbery occurred in the case of the victim was subdued soojin

Men see users spend money in 3 days after the street robbery victim Uniforms – Beijing, Sichuan online news (reporter Wu Li Zhang Song) Mianyang a man in Nanchong to meet with friends, because the money runs out on the streets, malicious heart tracking robbed a hotel waiter. A few days after the incident, the man wandering in the streets late at night, but once again met the victim waiter, eventually being subdued. In September 20th, a reporter from the Shunqing District Public Security Bureau, the police station was informed that the man has been under criminal detention. September 12th morning, Nanchong a hotel receptionist Zhou Xiaoqi (a pseudonym) home, went to the nearby clay dam a small door, see behind the tail with a man. See see through, man grasp Zhou Xiaoqi’s arm, holding a knife, put down the bag requirements. To avoid injury, Zhou Xiaoqi will be the bag of 300 yuan in cash to the robbers, then struggled to escape. The next day, Zhou Xiaoqi came to the police station, Shunqing District Public Security bureau. After this shock, Zhou Xiaoqi every night when the rotation, let the boyfriend to pick up. 15 am, Zhou Xiaoqi and her boyfriend home, after a cafe near the District, a young man standing outside the door caused by the attention of Zhou Xiaoqi. After careful identification, confirmed that this man is the night. Subsequently, Zhou Xiaoqi’s boyfriend in the vicinity of the man to watch, she went to the side to call the police. Police immediately came to the man captured. The man arrested, confessed to the crime. The police found that the man is three county people in Mianyang, aged 24. Not long ago, he went to Nanchong to meet with friends, because the money runs out on the streets. To support himself, he decided to rush into danger single woman money robbery. On the morning of 12 for the first time, then, money spent, ready to search for a target again, only to be caught the girl, was eventually arrested.相关的主题文章: