Men want to borrow 6500 yuan on hand play turned out to steal-ajviewer

Men want to borrow 6500 yuan on hand play turned out to steal daily news (correspondent Shangfa reporter Sun Beibei) yesterday afternoon, the city people’s court in the 17 court, a more than and 50 year old man, low head, full of regret, "I just love this string, a ghost heart. Only, want to steal." The man surnamed Yu, stealing a string of a string of dark brown lotus flowers in a handicraft store in Hefangjie Street, the whole string of 110, each diameter of 1 cm. Yu said that he usually love to play these strings, you go to Hefangjie Street shopping, store regulars, when love will buy, but not expensive, many hundreds of dollars on hand. I pay attention to the store for a long time, the day I think "borrow" home to play for two days, and then come back." Just shop glass cabinet is open, side glass is not done, leaving a few centimeters of seam. Thus, in July 22nd this year, more than 10 in the morning, the shop has not opened, Yu a look at the surrounding no one, took the root of the wire into the seam inside, want to hook the string. The first time to find the wire is too short, hooked up to more than 5 minutes did not succeed, turned to get a long wire after the successful. Unexpectedly, the store was actually equipped with monitoring, the owner Ms. Lee found that day, and recognize him. The second day, Ms. Lee went to the police, also called the media reporters, I hope the media help her make a investigation, find the stolen bracelets uncle. Unexpectedly, in the media interview stalls, the risk of a sudden, like nothing like, just wandered in Hefangjie Street. Ms. Lee sharp eyed, a stride rushed up, grabbed a hold firmly yu. In this way, the risk of a run down. This string of lotus Bodhi, Ms. Lee spent more than 15 thousand yuan to buy from Yiwu, after professional valuation, the value of 6500 yuan. Court sentencing on the spot, the crime of theft was established and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment, suspended for one year and fined $2000. Source: daily business daily  相关的主题文章: