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Man 2 days mad stick to sweep the two-dimensional code illegally parked fake ticket only 1 people fooled – Beijing northeast network November 1st news (reporter Lei Lei) 1 reporter learned from the Harbin Municipal Public Security Bureau, in October 30th, 31 in Harbin, Tallahassee Avenue around by posting fake "illegal parking informed", to the public by scanning the two-dimensional code the payment of the suspect Zhang was arrested by the police. In early October 30th 9 pm, near the house was Harbin Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau police brigade Wang Jinzhu Tallahassee in Tallahassee avenue to ban illegal parking, a driver is held by a POS printer "illegal parking informed" find him about. Wang Jinzhu found the "illegal parking informed" with the traffic police department notice is obviously different, suspected of fraud, then found in the vicinity of the vehicle on the bogus "illegal parking informed" ten Zhang, Wang Jinzhu immediately reported to Tallahassee police, and will report to the detachment. Harbin City Public Security Bureau immediately issued a message to avoid the masses deceived. On November 1st at 9:20 in the morning, the suspect Zhang (male, born 9 March 1990, Harbin District of Hulan city people) were arrested in Nangang District, a district of Harbin city. In the scene and seized the online purchase of "Tallahassee Police Brigade" official "fee code" seal, handheld thermal printer and two bank cards and other tools of crime. After that, Zhang on the Internet in mid October spent hundreds of yuan to buy tools. Then the vehicle parked on the paste forgery "tickets" in Tallahassee Avenue and Harbin Avenue area street, did not think it attracted a victim when he was arrested Nangang police. Currently, the case is being further processed. Harbin police remind the general public, in recent years, Internet fraud, theft of personal information such as a new network of multiple crimes, the public once found the first time to report to the public security organs, make network crimes no breeding ground. In addition, people in the use of the Internet to establish a network security awareness, improve security ability, overcome careless thinking, do not covet petty profits, not unfamiliar landing sites, do not download the application software in the non official website click on the wireless WIFI, don’t link informal, do not use the brush, WeChat two-dimensional code payment easy payment. In particular, the "double 11" is coming, on the anniversary of the Taobao lottery, online shopping refund and other information to the official website in a timely manner to identify recognition, to avoid being deceived.相关的主题文章: