Millions of light heart light Buddha Lu will hold the 1st Lumbini for Buddha Scripture

"Millions of light heart light Buddha Lu will hold the 1st" Lumbini for Buddha "sacred Buddha Buddha Road Road Tour Tencent Buddhist News (Zhou Shaoqing) January 2017 25-2 15 (year 2561), the 20 days of" first "Foyuan road · Lumbini light" holy festival "will be held ceremoniously in the birth place of Nepal Lumbini st.. This method will be shengdeng Festival, the Nepalese government invited Lumbini Development Committee launched a "New Year wish new · · heart lights" million heart lights for Buddha scripture. Nepal is located southwest of China, bordering China land, mutual friends. Bilateral relations have been friendly exchanges, cultural information exchange, so is buddhism. On March 21, 2016, Ollie, the Prime Minister of Nepal, visited China and met with the leaders of the state. He also raised the expectations of economic and cultural exchanges between the two countries. On the same day, at the Diaoyutai State Guest House and the Chinese Buddhist community representatives held talks of joy. The talks put forward: Lumbini has a pivotal position in the Buddhist community, it should not only belong to Nepal, but should belong to the whole world, belongs to the common spiritual home of the world’s buddhists. In September 24, 2016, the State Bureau of Religious Affairs Secretary Wang Zuoan in his speech again encouraged China Buddhism to go out, the State Bureau of religious affairs in support of Buddhism and Buddhist countries as in the past Chinese expand friendly exchanges, shouldering the responsibility of the times, to promote the "people of similar heart interlinked should play a role, has become an important link to enhance the friendship among people of the world. A light heart light "Buddha" activities, since October 1, 2015 in Hainan since the start of Nanshan Temple, has gone through 25 provinces in Hong Kong and Macao, visited the temple of more than and 360 mountains, total travel more than one hundred and eight thousand miles, along the way to collect wish card about 300000, the total number of more than one million in the scene, the impact of the number of tens of millions. After more than a year of walking a road through regardless of the weather, tramp over mountains and through ravines, numerous hardships and difficulties, the about 300000 wish carrying ten believers party card, recently team has arrived in the Lumbini of nepal. This road is not for the other, only in the sacred Buddha, in front of the Buddha lit a lamp of desire. So, "the road to Lumbini · a shengdeng light" Festival is "Buddha Lu walk for more than a year, and ten party believers their achievements merit special moment. In the new year, lit a new hope for this. We look forward to light the light in the lamp, the lamp of wisdom, a Buddha hometown of lights, gathering more desire, to greater inspiration, "lamp with light, fusion". At the same time, I wish you a day long Lay Bodhisattva bless, six lucky to have: the blessing of all wisdom, all had destroyed the enemy. Save the ocean of love, from the three bitter death. WeChat search on [] easily focus on Buddhism Buddhist Tencent WeChat public no..相关的主题文章: