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Mother will learn: the most healthy children sleep! Maternal pregnant women – Sohu often said that he couldn’t sleep well, the spirit of the poor, but this is the consequences of poor sleep quality, people often sleep when some factors interfere with sleep, sleep quality is not high for a long time so natural, health is also affected by the. Pregnant women want to sleep a good sleep posture choice is the key, recommended the left lateral position, the most suitable for pregnant women, and can choose different periods. 1 early pregnancy (1-3 months) position can be freely in early pregnancy, pregnant women sleeping can be relatively casual, because not much affect the fetus directly by the external pressure, and its weight will not cause great oppression. Of course, there are limits on arbitrary pashui, such as bad position or change early as possible, can choose high comfort of supine, lateral. Still in the maternal pelvic fetus in utero, external direct oppression or self oppression is not heavy, so pregnant women sleep posture can be arbitrary, mainly to take a comfortable posture, such as supine position, lateral position can be. Such as sleeping, or holding things to sleep and other bad sleeping position should get rid of. 2 mid pregnancy (4-7 months) to support the abdomen position should pay attention to the protection of the abdomen, avoid the direct effect of external force. If polyhydramnios or twin pregnancy, must adopt the lateral decubitus position, which can make women comfortable, other positions will have symptoms of oppression. If the pregnant woman feels the lower limb is heavy, may take the supine position, slightly raises the lower limb with the soft pillow. 3 in the third trimester of pregnancy (8-10 months) lying supine pregnant women on their own and the safety of the fetus are important. If you can rely on the left side, you can greatly reduce the pressure caused by insufficient blood supply and other health problems. The right side of the left side of the uterus can correct the increase of uterine, can reduce the pressure on the abdominal aorta and iliac artery, improve blood circulation, increase the blood supply to the fetus, is conducive to the growth and development of the fetus. But it is not suitable to take the supine position. Because the supine position, uterine compression of the inferior vena cava is huge, the returned blood volume and decreased cardiac output, and hypotension, pregnant women will feel dizzy, palpitation, nausea, shortness of breath and other symptoms, pale, limb weakness, cold sweats etc.. The entire left side by side will be the scientific rational, pregnant women sleeping in the best and the worst, depending on which side you choose. The fetus continues to grow, the uterus will continue to squeeze other organs, and the right rotation. If you take on the left side lying position, you can correct the uterus right, promote blood circulation, reduce the possibility of fetal hypoxia. On the contrary, if you choose to lie on the right side, then the problem may exacerbate. Pregnant women should pay attention to sleep: 1, when lying down to rest, as far as possible to take the left lying. 2, if you wake up and found that they did not take the left lying, it changed to the left side of the bed; if you feel uncomfortable, you can take to make yourself comfortable position. 3, comfortable sleep position is the best posture, not because you can not keep the left side of the bed and trouble. Because in the supine position, if ZG compression of the inferior vena cava, the amount of blood will be reduced, this will lead to systemic blood supply is not相关的主题文章: