Moto modular phone release but Lenovo seems heavier burden midd-885

Moto modular mobile phone released a small but Lenovo body burden seems more serious Moto Z series mobile phone lenovo mobile phone, a mobile phone industry, "Moto Z in yesterday’s conference, said Lenovo Mobile President Chen Xudong started at the press conference, the subversive use human landing on the moon historic events highlight Moto Z. Chen Xudong confidence in this new machine, in an interview with Phoenix Science and technology, said, must be able to grab a part of the user from iPhone and Samsung hands." Z Moto how much subversive? Moto Z Series in the thickness of the fuselage, camera, etc. under the foot of the effort, but it should be said to subvert the Moto Z should be modular design. After the mobile phone shell is equipped with 16 23 carat gold "friction magnetic", can make all kinds of mobile phone and the function module combination. The release of the five kinds of modules in China, respectively, battery module, JBL module, sound projection module, Hasselblad camera module and shell friction to pay tribute to the classic Moto fan module. At this year’s TechWorld conference held in the United States, Lenovo has launched the Moto Z series of mobile phones, and announced a 1 million special fund program for rewarding outstanding module developers. Lenovo has been a modular mobile phone as a new platform, similar to iOS, Android mobile operating system, hoping to gather a large number of developers to develop various modules, and constantly expand the phone function. August, Lenovo has held the first Moto mobile phone developers conference in Shenzhen. In Lenovo’s plan, the mobile phone in the future will only retain the core processing unit, other functions through the module to achieve better. In addition, the phone will also become the center of the Internet of things, the future of cars, refrigerators, televisions and other devices can become a mobile phone module, through these 16 magnetic dot network connection, to achieve interconnection. The association of these modules have great expectations, in the hope of the homogenization of serious, is the smartphone market, one of the Red Sea to blaze a new trail. Market research firm Sanofi recently released the domestic smart mobile phone rankings show that Lenovo in domestic shipments of smartphones has dropped out of the top 10, for Lenovo, mobile business is not lost. But for now, Lenovo wants to do bigger and stronger in the field of modularity is not easy. How attractive to developers? Chen Xudong said that in the legend of the developer platform, to join the developers will be able to share the legend of the global sales channels, marketing systems and design, manufacturing resources, and even financial support. In addition, Chen Xudong also said at the press conference, Lenovo will continue to support the introduction of these modules Moto phone, so developers do not worry because the device updates, modules can not be used. Currently Lenovo did not disclose how many developers to join the platform. For developers, the choice of a platform to join a more important reason may be depends on how large the size of the platform, the number of users can bring. For example, Windows Phone can not do it now, it is very important because the share of the entire smart machine market is too small to attract application developers相关的主题文章: