NASA evaluation of asteroid mission alternatives with deep space habitat (video) soulseek

NASA evaluation of asteroid mission alternatives and deep space habitat NASA Chinese asteroid probe OSIRIS-REx because of the cost factor, the Congress that the asteroid redirect project involved in technical and scientific goals may not be fully realized in space Tencent news according to foreign media reports, the 2016 NASA transition authorization bill sponsored by the Senate Commerce Committee Subcommittee on space, aiming to solve some policy the problem. In September 15th, the authorization act required NASA to evaluate the asteroid redirection project and to develop an alternative. NASA’s asteroid redirection program will study near Earth Asteroids and put them on the moon’s orbit. But Congress believes that the technical and scientific goals involved in the asteroid redirection project may not be complete, because the cost is under control. For NASA, the need to assess the extent of the asteroid redirection project can be completed within the budget, and to assess business interests and costs. The bill also relates to the planning of the international space station, space station will be planned in 2020 after the end of the task, but the space station so far in good condition, the bill also requires NASA to assess whether can run to the space station in 2028. NASA plans to abandon the mission of the space station, to the Private Companies operation, and put forward a plan to go beyond Earth orbit, supported by the space launch system and Orion spacecraft. NASA plans to develop deep space habitat, in general, is beyond the near earth orbit, the earth’s magnetic field protection outside the construction of the space station. It can be seen that NASA is not even the space station can not afford to play, but a little disdain for the 350 km high earth orbit, NASA, this is a bit low, lack of challenge. Deployment of deep space habitat, will be out of the earth’s magnetic field protection, as long as this, humans can enter the stage of interplanetary civilization. (compile)相关的主题文章: