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The National Day holiday in Gansu, red tourism warming – Gansu channel — original title: National Day holiday, Gansu Province Red Tourism warming with the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army is coming, "eleven" during the long holiday, the city of Pingliang red tourism. During the national day, retired at the age of 94 in Jingning Province, Anshan retired cadres, the old Red Army veteran Red Army Yu Xinyuan initiative, China people’s Military Museum, Jilin provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Political Department of Jilin Military Museum and Shandong cultural Yimeng red Sao jointly launched to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army syndrome? Pass national torch relay activities sandals? And, in the long march of the Red Army’s five pass Jingning county. Jieshipu is the main hub of the three main forces and contact forces. In jieshipu Memorial theme sculpture, members of the group, the transfer of sandals, Yimeng new Zhu Yongjun model law is? With the Red Army hand woven sandals to all people and tourists to participate in the activities of the transfer. The sandals transfer members of the group, former vice president Sun Yongku on the newspaper carefully to the masses, introduces the background and story, sandals he said, sandals are representative of the fear of hardships and dangers long march spirit, long march spirit inheritance eternal hope. The sandals transfer group members and Jingning county people, visitors to watch the video of Yu Xinyuan’s old red army. According to the former residence of Mao Zedong jieshipu memorial to the person in charge, 5 days before the national holiday, Memorial Park tourists more than 3 thousand and 300 passengers, is expected 7 days a total of 4000 tourists trips. Jingchuan county is red twenty-five army political commissar Wu Huanxian sacrifice, National Day period, nearly 1000 veterans, tourists, students and local people to Jingchuan county? Feng Xiang Zheng Jia Gou Cun Wu Huanxian Memorial Hall and the floor area, pay homage to the martyrs in silence, flowers, visit etc.. Liu Cun, Jingchuan county is the Red Army thirty-one army stationed in the place, here to build the county’s first underground Communist Party branch. In the beautiful countryside construction, Cheng Liu Cun exploit the historical culture and red resources, using the underground pit Zhuang medium recovery branch meeting site. During the national day, the first branch of the village Party branch more than and 500 tourists every day. Gansu daily, Gannan News Network (Gansu Daily reporter Zhao Mei) National Day period, rich red tourism resources Gannan Prefecture ushered in many ZiJiaYou tourists. In Diebu Lazikou Battle Memorial, Lazikou battle site, the former residence of Mao Zedong, the Russian community meeting site and other attractions, you can always see the family car travel scene. "I see not only the Lazikou battle 3D animation, also learned that the Red Army history, popular education." Cui Yuqing from Xinjiang, Urumqi, said the child, he and his parents came to Gannan, all the way to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also a special visit to the red tourist attractions, the spirit of the long march of the Red Army so deeply touched him. Tourists Topaz said, this year is the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Long March, driving through Gannan, want to let the children accept a red education, it is necessary to. It is understood that, as of October 7th, Diebu County tourist arrivals reached 26 thousand and 707 passengers, up 83.4% over the previous year; Lazikou scenic spot number of tourists 3388 passengers. According to the Gannan tourism bureau director Cao Shiqing introduction, cut)相关的主题文章: