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National Day "left behind Guangzhou"? Don’t miss these big performances — entertainment channel, "Yi" fusion Chinese traditional dance and Western Contemporary Dance style.   during the national day, Guangzhou’s major venues, although the performance is not much, but almost all boutique. In addition to months in advance tickets had been sold out "play God" Eason Chan concert, one of the world’s ten Symphony "the Budapest Festival Orchestra in Maestro Ivan? Led by Fisher landed in Guangzhou Grand Theatre, dance in the world renowned Ya Bin and her friends will be the famous writer Bi Feiyu" Tsing Yi "onto the stage. This version of the Information Times reporter Xie Yijuan Wang Yabin interpretation of Bi Feiyu’s ballet "Yi" time: October 6th 20:00, October 7th 15:00 Venue: Guangzhou Grand Theatre Opera Hall fare: 80180280380 yuan’s "Yi" as the famous writer Bi Feiyu, not only was the introduction of Kang Honglei on the screen, the interpretation by Xu Fan, Hong Pan and other stars, and last year it was Wang Yabin moved on to become a stage of modern dance, trigger a new round of concern. For ya bin and her friends perform ballet version, Bi Feiyu expressed great appreciation: "Yi has never been female, role or a specific person, she is beautiful, Oriental Land of the unique charm of the soul. Wang Yabin caught her and made her Wang Yabin herself." As the "flower wall incense" famous contemporary dancer in the wall, Wang Yabin enjoys a high reputation in the international dance, she had to bring works in Germany and France, Italy tour, known as "one of the most important Asian dancers". There are China classical dance background, and has been committed to the modern dance creation of Wang Yabin, from 2009 onwards, the launch of Ya bin and her friends "series of performances, Chinese will combine traditional dance and Contemporary Western dance together," Yi "is the seventh season of the show. Wang Yabin said, "Yi" is the creative dance she longed for many years, not only because of Bi Feiyu’s original novel is well written, but because in this novella, she saw the Tsing Yi Xiao Yan Qiu "to explore the role of" life to the sustenance of this theme, "Xiao Yan autumn" her life in the "Yi ‘body, and I, Wang Yabin, will life in dance works". The concert time sway personality Qian Niu Kesha rock: October 8th 20:00 Venue: Guangzhou stadium tickets: 299399599799999 yuan the creation of female pop singer "Kesha" in China by enthusiastic fans called "money girl, with her song" Tik Tok "fame, won the championship in the billboard singles chart for nine week. For the first time, she came to Guangzhou, with its unique personality, vibrant dance for the audience to bring a passionate Carnival of rock. Qian Niu’s focus on the current youth enthusiasm and vitality, the external appearance is a bit like early Madonna. In the rock world, she has a personal independence of conduct attitude, not blindly follow)相关的主题文章: