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National Day of the Mid Autumn Festival – we set off from Xishuangbanna – Sohu travel Mid Autumn Festival is a day for people to reunite, nature is also a good time to play. In this beautiful day, we invite one family cousin came to Xishuangbanna tropical botanical garden. Xishuangbanna tropical botanical garden is located in the Lancang River surrounded by Huludao, is China’s largest, the most abundant plant diversity in the botanical garden. As soon as I entered the botanical garden, I was fascinated by the beautiful scenery. Looking ahead, the garden is full of greenery, tall trees and shrubs well-proportioned. I can scarcely wait on the tour bus. Along the road around the tree of heaven, we came to the garden. As soon as I got off the bus, I smelled a smell of flowers. The bright colors of the flowers of fire, so that the hot weather more hot; porcelain roses beautiful generous, bright shining on the eyes of tourists…… Is there something I can not say the name of flowers, each plant has its own beauty, let me too busy to attend to all. Note ten – tourists Jiuhuai gold, chrysanthemum choi. A spectacular spirit great, particularly that of the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day festival really happy. First, the camera has the benefits: please find the following 9 special class Park photo (self timer or someone to shoot you into the scene), hair circle of friends or micro-blog can get the appropriate gift. Note: [specify special garden pictures as follows: Tropical Rainforest Culture Museum, Palm Garden (missile base, rain Pavilion), tree, bauta, mysterious fruit oil, star of Codariocalyx motorius. For rattan, stone carving, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, green trees as door falls, large plate root]. Two, review welfare: 1, after playing in the same way travel, Ctrip, donkey mother travel network platform (three), write down the Xishuangbanna tropical botanical garden scenic spot with reviews and pictures show scenic comments, have the opportunity to get the value of 104 yuan in Xishuangbanna with a ticket (select the botanical garden 5 users). 2, get the same way travel, Ctrip, donkey mother travel network platform (three) essence comment users can obtain a copy of the Xishuangbanna tropical botanical garden to provide the package (select 5 users). Thailand Cape Huludao love science books three, during the national day, the park has 1, the national welfare period: October 1, 2016 -7 days, to fully enjoy the full price of 20 percent off tickets. 2, the official website of the botanical garden (rainforest mall) shopping enjoy 20 percent off discount. Over time: September 15, 2016 -10 month 7 days Duijiang address: Ming Wu rattan botanical garden research products experience and exhibition hall, the limit of individual participation. Winning friends, must provide the name and mobile phone number to verify the admission. How to get to the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden from Jinghong: Chinese Academy of Xishuangbanna tropical botanical garden is located in Xishuangbanna Mengla Menglun Town, is 56 kilometers from Jinghong. ? to Menglun traffic are the following: 1 car buying from southern Kunming passenger station to Mengla sleeper ticket, get off at Menglun town can. 2, taxi: from the airport or Jinghong.相关的主题文章: