Net to form a concentric circle consensus for the realization of the Chinese dream to achieve-sugus

A network to form a concentric circle   consensus struggle – the media – original title for the Chinese dream: online network to form a concentric circle in today’s society has entered the information age, the development of the Internet in China has made remarkable achievements, has become more and more people to study, work and life of the new space, become a new platform access to public services, but also a profound impact on people’s learning way, way of thinking, values, life etc.. The Internet gave birth to the "everyone has a microphone," a new social ecology, everyone can voice on the Internet, which is the progress of society. But needless to say, there was a great contrast of online network, a lot of people go to the Internet, lost the laws and morals of the world, spreading rumors, stir up enmity and some even confuse right and wrong, against the socialist system, to discredit the hero model, the history of Chinese history, disrupting the distorted party ideology, if unchecked, it is dangerous. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Forum on network security and information technology stressed that: the consensus is not easy to do the work, we must work together. In order to achieve our goal, the net to form a concentric circle. What is concentric circles? It is under the leadership of the party to mobilize the people of all ethnic groups, mobilize the enthusiasm of all aspects, and strive to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream." It is of great practical significance and guiding significance. The formation of the concentric circle, to the leadership of the party for the radius, fully condensed centripetal force practice has fully proved that the party’s leadership is the biggest advantage of the socialist system Chinese characteristics, is the basic premise to network channel business healthy development. In contemporary China, only the Communist Party of China has the authority, the conditions, the ability to mobilize all forces, the integration of various resources, cohesion and build a strong network of concentric circles. Thankfully, the Party Central Committee has put this work into the country included in the governance perspective, an important schedule, in February 2014, the central network security and information technology leadership team was established, the general secretary Xi Jinping himself as leader, and held a number of high-level meetings, research situation, work arrangements, which in itself is an important signal: – the Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the work on the internet. All kinds of media is a network form concentric focus and an important force in the round, must adhere to the principle of the system and does not waver, and actively explore the establishment of the party organization in the new media and Internet companies, give full play to the exemplary vanguard role of Party branch and Party members of the fighting force. The healthy development of all kinds of new media, must adhere to the correct political orientation, under the leadership of the party, all with media properties and functions in the mobilization of public opinion news information services, communication platform are included in the management, in the matter of political issues and major issues issues of right and wrong in principle, enhance the initiative, seize the initiative and win the initiative. The formation of the concentric circle, to all kinds of media for the radius to spread positive energy in the news public opinion work on the party meeting, general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "public opinion has always been an important force of social development. The party’s news and public opinion work is an important work of the party." Since the date of its establishment, our party has attached great importance to its use相关的主题文章: