Norton Inter. Security 2010

Software Symantec Corporations latest release for internet security is the Norton Internet Security 2010 (NIS). This software solution is much more effective than its previous version. Like all other security solutions from the Symantec Corporation, the Norton Internet Security 2010 has distinct features and technologies that invariably make it highly efficient for those who use the internet constantly. 1.Installation and Setup The installation procedure is similar to its previous version. You can either buy the hard copy i.e. box copy software or the electronic download. Both the versions are easy to install. All you need to do is to double click on the setup wizard and follow the instructions. The steps are really easy and even if you are new to .puters, it is never an issue as the user guide is quite informative and helpful. There are two types of installations, the standard install and the custom install. Custom install is for people who have certain degree of knowledge about .puters, viruses and online threats. However, both types of installations are really effective in safeguarding your .puters from online threats like malware, botnets, Trojans etc. Like always, once you have installed the software in your system, you will be prompted to enter the license key which will be available inside the box (In case you are opting for box copy software). If you are using the electronic download, the key will be in a text document which .es along with the software you downloaded. Enter this key to get started and after the initial steps are over, you will be asked to create a Norton account. Upon finishing this account creation, the successful installation of the antivirus software is .plete and your .puter is shielded effectively from online threats. 2.Interface and Features Almost all Norton products boast of having a highly organized and a neat interface. It is the same with Norton Internet Security 2010 as well. The interface has a professional look and it is quite impressive overall. With two bar columns showing the System performance and the Norton Internet Security 2010s performance (persistent performance meter that shows you how much NIS is consuming out of the overall .puter performance) along with easy to navigate options to scan your .puter, protect your network and web makes this interface one of the easiest to handle even for a novice. The dark themed yellowish layout with a white front makes the interface appealing as well. The Norton Internet Security 2010 is loaded with features that make it one of the top five products in the market when security and performance is concerned. The key technologies used are the Norton Threat Insight, Norton File Insight, Norton Download Insight, Parental Controls (For Microsoft Windows Only), SONAR 2 Behavioral protection, Norton File Insight etc. But the newest technologies introduced in this product are the Professional Strength AntiSpam and the Quorum. The Professional Strength AntiSpam helps you to prevent unwanted e-mails from affecting your .puter. Quorum technology is a software-reputation based technology. If you take an application from a known user, it ought to be good. However malwares, spyware and other forms of malicious files are released by unknown publishers. A product from an unknown publisher is equivalent to being bad i.e. it carries a poor reputation. Hence, Symantec has a reputation safety score for each application and thus this technology helps Norton Internet Security 2010 to statistically decipher an applications reputation as good or bad. This is a highly sophisticated technology and is very effective in keeping online threats at bay. Additional features of this internet security solution include antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, pulse updates (Updates the antivirus for every fifteen to twenty minutes), botnet protection (Protects your .puter from hackers), Anti-Phishing (Protects your .puter from phishing sites), Norton IdentitySafe (Protects all your valuable information like passwords, user id, log in etc). 3.System Requirement The system requirements are 300 MB of free hard disk space with a processor of 300MHz or faster. The RAM can be a minimum of 256 MB or more. This internet security solution is .patible with all versions of Windows 7, Vista and XP of all platforms. 4.Help & Support Help & Support feature of the Symantec Corporation is something that is quite outstanding. Customers can contact the help desk for any doubts or clarifications 24×7. You can have an online chat or send them an e-mail or even have a phone call. The phone numbers to contact the Help desk of Symantec Corporation is the 800-745-6061. There is also the option of a call back where staffs from Symantec will call you back once you leave your phone numbers and query at their Help Center. 5.Price The maximum retail price for 1-year subscription of Norton Internet Security 2010 for 3-PCs is $69.95. Coupons can help you avail some discounts. So, check for the latest Norton coupons if you want to save some money. 6.Summary When you talk about an Internet Security solution, a .mon norm is that you have to .promise on speed. But in the case of Norton Inter. Security 2010 it is quite different as it offers the maximum possible security by covering all aspects of online threats without slowing down your system even a bit. This is in fact the best buy for those who spend most of their time in the inter.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: