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One day LOOK Dongyu Zhou beautiful shirt skirt do not greasy [Abstract] each mushroom cool will have a shirt. A good shirt for mushroom cool Neiwaijianxiu, showing the best condition, and a good shirt dress can easily hold live, work date etc.. Shirt skirt not only wear all-match, lack of body modification can seamlessly. Other planning: Ding Huijiao; photography: Yu Yu; Wang Ling; assistant: a lot, by Wang Lingmou Dongyu Zhou for his role in the movie "girl" under the Hawthorn Tree "actress Jingqiu fame, has been about constantly, now it is one of the bright star, Mainland Small artistes list. Some time ago, "we love it", small fresh Dongyu Zhou and six tert Shawn Yue formed the universe CP, who would have thought the most are not optimistic about the universe just because CP contrast is too big and successful counter attack, but also earn enough eyeballs, maxed out all kinds of entertainment. We are also pleasantly surprised to find that the flower of Dongyu Zhou’s clothes to improve too much, too good-looking bar! Dongyu Zhou today in this group of blockbusters choose simple and refreshing shirt dress collocation, white boots, lazy and Chic sense conform to no conventional pattern! Shape analysis: lining dress Mo& Co.; Bvlgari; Chloe boots; necklace Fancycd; ring From 10 Corso Como to a small courtyard each site will have a shirt cool mushroom. It is not only all-match shirt, stylish atmosphere. A good shirt to help women show the best state, and a good shirt can also help cool mushrooms cool hold live, dating and other occasions. A shirt dress shirt size extension charm, with minimalist design, comfortable captured the hearts of the people. Imagine a simple and relaxed casual shirt skirt, revealing slender legs, with a belt easily draw good physique. Anti season wear boots, the tide is full of flavor, fun accessories and bags are the key to the shape of the concave, fashion is to wear simple fun! Dongyu Zhou is wearing big pants photo shoot legs densely vascular scary TIP1: happy felling! These stylish accessories, take my wallet! Less is more is a lot of people’s fashion Bible, but in this street is the foundation of the whole year with a simple, if only to wear a passerby, which in fact with the fashion 10 Fen relationship is not. Want to make the whole body funny up, might as well add fashionable accessories, immediately there are people who can not move the eyes open. So, not only about fashion, pays special attention to the small details is really perfect, fashion accessories to make your behavior are remarkable. TIP2: before it gets cold, wear a nice shirt! Not only the classic all-match shirt, but also stylish atmosphere. Which shirt skirt is derived from the men’s shirt one piece single product, a shirt dress shirt size extension charm, with minimalist design, comfortable captured the hearts of the people. This shirt dress, skirt silhouette, handsome and elegant set in one, not only good to wear all-match, lack of body modification can trace on, while the weather is not completely cool before, then wear a beautiful dress shirts. [single product]相关的主题文章: