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Reference-and-Education Morocco gained independence in 1956 and a year later the Royal Commission for Education Reform laid down the basic principals of post-independence Moroccan education.Developed during fifty years of colonial rule, the French educational model was adopted by the newly independent Moroccan state and reorganized to introduce a technical track in addition to a modern track and original track incorporated the traditions of Koranic-based education, emphasizing Islamic culture and civilization and using Arabic as the language of instruction. The Ministry of National Education was established in 1959 to begin the task of training a native teaching corps to replace foreign teachers, build new schools and implement governmental education reforms. Later Morocco faced a period of economic stagnation in the late 1990s due to extreme drought which placed a strain on its predominantly agricultural economy. Despite the economic difficulties during this period, Morocco achieved remarkable progress not only in buiding remarkable Morocco property ( ), but also in developing its education system. Enrolment in primary school increased from 52 percent to 92 percent, in the middle school level from 18 percent to 32 percent, and in secondary education from 6 percent to 15 percent during 1990-2004 years. The formal education system in Morocco is however still facing many challenges today. Although education was more accessible and the gender gap was being reduced, Morocco had not witnessed the positive changes seen in Asia and Latin America, particularly in literacy rates and enrolments in secondary schools and universities. The World Bank has said the quality of education in Morocco is falling behind other regions and needs urgent reform if it is to tackle unemployment. Internal inefficiency is high, as evidenced by high drop-out and repetition rates. Gender and geographical disparities still exist at all education levels. Morocco also faces a rapidly increasing demand for middle schools, as a result of increased access to primary education. With government spending on education already high at 6.6 percent of GDP, opportunities to expand the budget are limited. In order to help to solve the problem, the World Bank’s Board of Directors approved a US$80 million loan to support a Basic Education Reform Support Program, also known as PARSEM, in the Kingdom of Morocco. PARSEM addresses these challenges by supporting Government efforts to boost the quality of basic education for all children ages six to fourteen in a financially sustainable manner. The actions to be supported by PARSEM are threefold : 4.generalize access to basic education, to most school-age children by 2008; 5. improve the quality of education through reducing dropout and repetition rates and improving students learning; 6. build institutional capacity, reinforcing institutional capacity in association with the sector’s decentralization process at the central, regional, provincial and local levels. The project falls in line with the Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) for Morocco which spells out education sector reform and decentralization as one of the key priorities for fighting poverty in the Kingdom. World Bank together with Morocco government hope that PARSEM will increase access to basic education, improving educational quality, encourage stakeholder participation, ensure financial sustainability, and promote accountability in sector management. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Automobiles The BMW Z4 line has been long known for its fantastic releases. In 2006, this line was updated by introducing to separate cars, a Coupe and a road star spotting the highly esteemed S54 m engine. The BMW E86 2006 Z4 Coupe, at its release at the 2006 Frankfurt motor show won acclaims from even the staunchest BMW critics many accepted that unlike most of the cars in this generation, the Z4 M coupe was a very rare beauty. In closed state, the BMW E86 2006 Z4 Coupe gives an undoubted impression of solidity which is further enhanced by the pristine 19 inch tires and wheels. To emphasize the cars dazzling contours as opposed to its controversial outlines, non-gloss paint has been used. What differentiates the coupe from the roadster, both of which were released in Frankfurt on the same day is the rear end and the roof. While a rudimentary canvas top was used on one of the models, the other spots a stylish remake of the classic 2 bubble roof. Otherwise, they would be identical. The management of the outlines in both cars can only be described as ingenious; in spite of the weight, size and .plexity of the roof, the liftage technology used can leave you wondering whether the Z4 coupe initially had a metal which was later on developed into a canvas top. Despite the lack of any kind of wipers on the integrated rear window, most of the obvious aerodynamic aids can be eschewed from the rear hatch. The few faults that have been identified on this car are all found in the rear end. There is poor quarter view visibly; the trunk happens to be a little too shallow thus limiting the kind of luggage that can go in and its loading lip was positioned just a little higher for a car this size. The badge style latch used is also quite vulnerable to dust and can accumulate grime in a very short time during medium drives. Some of the new features added to the BMW E86 2006 Z4 Coupe include new revised exterior, improved internal features and vitally, some of the most powerful engines in the motor industry. The new 2.5i, 2.5si, 3.0i.m 3.0si, E86 3.osi Cpe and the E86 Mcpe all with a average curb weight of 1400 kilograms are all vast improvements of the previous 2.0i engines used in this line. This engine provides the coupe with one of the most impressive accelerations; the 3.0si engine can go from zero to 100 kilometers per hours in just under 6 seconds. However, Z4 coupes exported to North American markets among other regions may have reduced power ratings as a result of the lower .pression ratios necessitated by issues such as fuel quality. However in case you want the full powered European engines, the cars can still be ordered straight from this market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Finance Due to the current increase in identity theft, solutions and prevention tips are becoming a necessity for everyone. Many victims of identity theft are unaware that they have been targeted until months after the original crime. Your credit card bills could be missing for a month, and when you contact the financial institution, they tell you that there has been an address change that you did not authorize. You might be applying for a mortgage renewal, and discover that your great credit has been ruined by a scammer. This time lag gives the scammer a head start at spending all of your hard-earned money. Most credit card companies have implemented identity theft protection to help you if you become a victim. You shouldn’t assume that you have protection because you deal with a major financial institution. Have them send you information about the type of protection you are eligible for, and how to access it if you ever need it. This type of information you want to have before you discover you need it. Some specialty businesses provide identity theft solutions. They will help you take steps to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft. They will give you checklists, internet references, and clear steps to take to resolve identity theft problems. Specially trained staff is available to help you fill out police reports, contact creditors and credit bureaus, as well as the FTC. They work with you to resolve the numerous problems that you will encounter as a victim of identity theft. The best identity theft solution is to protect yourself, and acquire the information you need to keep yourself from becoming a victim. Guard your personal information, and only give it out if you are sure it is needed. If you receive a call telling you that you have won a valuable prize, and they just need to verify your information, ask them to send you a written application. If they refuse, hang up the phone. Regularly check your financial statements. Keep track of your charges, so you will know if any fraudulent charges have occurred. If you don’t receive your statements, contact the financial institution immediately. Your statements could be sent to an alternate address so you won’t notice the extra charges on your bill. Never give out your social security number on the internet. If you frequently access your financial accounts online, run your anti-spy ware program before accessing your accounts. Frequently update your virus protection and anti-spy ware programs. A common identity theft fraud is to send out emails that appear to be an official correspondence from a company that you do business with. They will tell you that there is a problem with your account, and they need you to send your social security number, or your credit card number to them to solve the issue. If you receive this type of request, do not respond to it, or click on the link in the email. You can either call the company to verify your information, or go to their website by typing their web address directly to the browser address bar. As the incidence of identity theft increases, the criminals continue to develop new ways of attempting to get your personal information. The majority of them would rather take the easy way out, and victimize people who are unprotected, and unaware of the steps you can use to protect yourself. Be vigilant about protecting your personal information, and keeping your computer secure. That is the best identity theft solution. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: