People tell you marriage must be left with regret – Sohu

Come tell you: marriage must not regret and come to tell you – Sohu: marriage must not regret this is someone who has probably had to get married to spend so much money, can save the province, but every year there are several times the heart regret, is to see someone’s wedding. Hey, don’t know what is the nature of women or people is vanity, have been married for so many years, every time I see someone will always compare, compare pomp, first affirmed the hotel luxurious enough, enough romantic wedding scene, the bride hand gold bracelet enough, although already married for so many years, see a no regrets wedding wedding always heart itch…, will eventually become a sweet memory. In a beautiful day, held a romantic wedding, but quite a lot of knowledge. The weather is better, the scene to the United States, a new state bar, the so-called opportune three cases, in order to have a good wedding! There is a place where we all know, there is a pleasant climate, excellent air quality; there is an exquisite scenery, backed by Seaview, facing the landscape where aromatherapy palm; nursing, conditioning nourish your mind, let you go ~ it is the beauty of Sanya Haitang Bay Jun Yue Hotel, one of the wedding day to occupy the right place. With the ancient and modern blend of "Island fishing village" scroll to describe Haitang Bay Jun Yue Hotel, is not too much. Had heard of Sanya Xu family "in Hong Kong is home to a boat for the room; according to the ship, Xu life living in the water". In this piece of natural gift of paradise, Haitang bay with its grand potential both have great originality and modern atmosphere of quiet and elegant, and the traditional brocade elements in every corner of the hotel, the hotel to settle in Sanya this piece of land, not hypocritical posture to show visitors themselves. As the island resort hotel, richly endowed by nature climate and sultry natural scenery always favored. Such a place, nature is also the wedding of the Holy land. [every girl worthy of a romantic marriage party] time flies, yesterday’s "girlfriend" identity "has already faded, today is my wife". The mood at the moment, or can not wait, or a little nervous… To avoid tension or urgency, it’s better to have a romantic marriage party, and, of course, a bachelor party! Of course, the party is not simply to get together to chat and eat on the line, elegant environment and delicious food is essential. Haitang Bay Jun Yue Hotel poolside barbecue restaurant, located on the beach near a white independent villas, indoor color to white and yellow mango, very fresh and crisp, in which kind of happiness will arise spontaneously, with the wedding atmosphere will agree without prior without previous consultation! "Enjoy freshly grilled porterhouse steak and seafood here and the relatives and friends, a delicacy party, pour a few glasses of wine, feel more comfortable. If you want a little more high, but also to the roof of the open-air bar, in the cool light, follow the rhythm of the music to move, with the cool breeze, enjoy the fun! Bar full of tropical cocktails.相关的主题文章: