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"Pregnant women" reputation ratings UP acting Yuan Shanshan praised the blue chip stocks – Sohu Yuan Shanshan Yuan Shanshan Ni entertainment Sohu entertainment news by Yuan Shanshan, starring Jia Nailiang "the home of pregnant women" has recently at CCTV-8 ending, since its launch, the drama starring with high popularity and positive energy of the story the audience frequently catch up. The ratings are high, while Yuan Shanshan played the good Ni positive and optimistic, give people a sense of themselves, is not fun to see a lot of friends shouted "". "Pregnant women" home as Yuan Shanshan Ni good is a lawyer, this is a feeling of vitality to listen to the name of breath girl. Ni good life cute, work actively seriously, Yuan Shanshan will be a full of positive energy female images show the most incisive, how to resolve the contradiction between love and family, kinship and friendship, ideal and reality into her interpretation highlights, the details of every twinkle and smile is a very happy Girl. This light and happy family humorous drama in the atmosphere of joy and harmony for us to bring a positive positive energy, everyone is optimistic upward, and Yuan Shanshan’s dedication to illustrate this point. The drama director praise is a very good actress: "when the rain was in the basement of the play, the local weather is very cold at night, continuous shooting 6 hours, Yuan Shanshan wasn’t a bit impatient, but to comfort with the opera actors, it really touched me." Drama actor also said: when the weather is cold, Yuan Shanshan will give you warm baby, very good affinity." It is reported that the play is still a CCTV broadcast with Strait TV fiery.   相关的主题文章: