Really Yang Mi 2 male reproduction God punished the memory of Liyan Tong.

"Really" Yang Mi 2 male reproduction God punished the memory of Liyan Tong tears Sina entertainment news on Friday night, "real man" in season second, the air force report officially opened the second station. In the new environment, the first alarm several times the sudden sound, the whole battalion of a gun in real time to implement the spirit of the digital pronunciation teaching more laughter. In the digital pronunciation process, Yang Mi [micro-blog] to unhurried attitude smoothly through the instructors for its "tailored" upgraded version of the super memory test, stunning the audience again. In this week’s show, 8 Air Force recruits to the air force missile "hero camp" in the once dubbed "mysterious force 543", for the first time in the world with a missile to shoot down enemy planes, and has shot down five enemy planes of the legendary force. Early into this heroic troops, known by "hero camp" the glorious history of Li Rui [micro-blog] was very excited, "the slow physical" yellow Zitao [micro-blog] is a bit quiet. Yang Mi "God of memory" to help comrades have amazing military digital pronunciation as Arabia digital reading is to guide the military, army communications professional indispensable means of communication, the number of Arabia 1 to 0 digital pronunciation were read, two or three, four or five, so do six, turn eight, hook, hole. In the training process to accept the guide camp hero in the digital learning pronunciation is a compulsory course for the recruits of the. When a fellow recruit due to "bear" and "awkward" memory "pronunciation have plunged into the group off the embarrassing situation, Yang Mi unexpectedly with unhurried attitude smoothly through the instructors for its" tailored "upgraded version of the super memory test, stunning the audience again, become the object of envy and help comrades. The monitor Wang Wei and Huang Zitao also staged a fiery contest, Huang Zitao in "digging the buried" situation, Wang Wei was asked on the spot verification "1 minutes 60 push ups", known as "Tao prone" yellow Zi Tao to complete the challenge? Let people look forward to! Liyan Tong [micro-blog] punished said "do not" tears with all the same air guide troops do push ups "pull" is the conversion level of combat duty. The abnormal air situation, "a" combat alert sounded, soldiers must be to the fastest speed and rushed to their battle stations, close coordination, complete combat readiness, to defend the country’s airspace security. The site of the "hero camp" on the first day of the new recruits to make a deep understanding of the "first alert" everywhere, all-weather training day and night, the wheel running into the normal. The mistake place delay, Huang Zitao was strict training instructors can excuse, "confrontation" and the scene triggered at any moment, did not arrive at all also led soldiers to accept push up punishment, always physical advantage of the Liyan Tong can only say "I do" again, and a "to do" but will deliver ya ya the unfinished task to other comrades, "one person makes a mistake, the battalion punished" and "who do not, the entire Battalion soldiers together, this is done instead of" the "hero camp" camp a gun "spirit. This can not help tears infection, Yaya together with everyone to start a push. After several rounds of training, a toothpaste foam Huang Zitao)相关的主题文章: