Runaway car crashed into a taxi and hit a tricycle (Figure)

The car lost control and hit a taxi taxi and hit a tricycle (Figure) electronic stop knocked apart. Reporter Huang Yuanlai photo Southland today reported Liuzhou news (reporter Huang Yuanlai) on November 18th at 5:30 in the morning, in the vicinity of Liuzhou Yuejin Road, North train station, a black Buick car out of control, a series of hit two bus station, which seriously damaged the front. During the Buick car also hit a taxi, the taxi hit a garbage truck carrying a tricycle, a sanitation worker rib fracture. Currently, the traffic police department has been involved in the investigation. Day 7 am, reporters rushed to the scene after receiving the report found that although the distance from the incident time has been 1.5 hours, the scene still looks tragic. According to witnesses, at that time, a black Buick car traveling north to south to North train station, suddenly out of control, hit the bus station on the train station on the north side of the electronic bus stop; knocked, and continue to run along the non motorized Road, hit the bus station on the train station on the south side of the pole, hit the platform until after the stop. The reporter saw, Buick car has been embedded in the pole, serious damage, deformation, also there is oil; the cab, two airbags all pop. On the other side, a sanitation tricycle overturned on the ground, severely damaged, almost falling apart. Two bus platform between the twenty or thirty meters of non motor vehicle road, full of garbage and debris. At this time, the traffic police are the cause of the Buick car towed away, sanitation workers are cleaning up the garbage on the road. The car hit the bus station after the car was badly damaged. Reporters saw the accident caused some damage to the bus station facilities. In the train station on the north side of the bus station, a bus stop electronic roots were flying like it was falling apart in the non motor vehicle lane; in the bus station on the south side of the garbage box, a lamp post, the platform table has a different degree of damage. In the afternoon, the reporter went to the Liuzhou Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine four, see the injured in the accident, the sanitation workers zhang. According to the preliminary examination of the doctor, Zhang rib fracture, hand and head soft tissue contusion. Master Zhang introduced, when he received a good garbage, riding a flatbed tricycle to refuse transfer is located in the North train station near the station. Less than more than and 10 meters, suddenly heard behind came the "bang" sound, he looked back, the original is a black car hit a taxi. The taxi was fast, hit a tricycle to his flat. The tricycle was knocked over, crushing him. "At that time, I wanted to jump, but the taxi was so fast that it hit me before I could jump." Master Zhang said, the car hit a taxi and drove on, until hit the pole on the bus station before it stopped. After the incident, the traffic police to the scene investigation, and the car driver to take alcohol detection. At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: