Russell chopped 8 points as the general wind off the boy Chinese Curitiba (video)

Russell chopped 8 points as the general wind off China curry [star] Russell highlights the boy half cut 21 points and 5 assists to highlight the force of the explosion of Tencent sports news October 8th scored the Lakers preseason against Denver – DeAngelo – Russell played well, he’s three and gave people a deep impression, even let people see Stephen the shadow of curitiba. Russell today 14 shots in the game, three points, 8 throws in 4, get 21 points and 5 assists 4 rebounds in 7. The excellent performance of Russell section second to 2 minutes and 47 seconds, not offensive, Russell got defensive rebounds, dribbling to the three point line, pull up is a three points, hollow ball net. This is Russell continuous get eighth points, before he also completed a CIC a three points, showing a strong shooting ability, which is reminiscent of the library. 2015 – the Lakers skipped djalil Okafor, selected Russell, because he and curry like, in line with the current trend of basketball. Careful contrast, Russell and curry do have similarities, their athletic ability are in general, are known to shoot. In the aspect of the ball and organization, Russell even bikori has a higher starting point. The Lakers hired Walton coach, Russell will also have the meaning of culture in library. Before the Lakers in the first two preseason games, Jordan – Clarkson was out of the first round, the team became the main control point guard, control the ball, has been regarded as the core of the real training of the. In this context, Russell want to do is to show their confidence, further growth. In the Nuggets and young control of the Chinese boy Emanuel – in contrast to the Russell, the more general trend of the wind, the progress is obvious to some of the time, in the comparison of the Chinese and the young men in the control of the game, the young Chinese boy in the world, the United States and china. Mudie’s shot selection is still a problem, resulting in his attack hit rate can not be improved. In contrast, Russell, the attack to improve self-confidence at the same time, the attack is also a lot of choice, as long as the opportunity to come out on the shot, the overall hit rate is still high. It is not difficult to see from these shots, Russell must have practiced a lot this summer. When he was cast, is a dribble after the break to near the free throw line stop shot, the difficulty is very high. He these actions are coherent, nothing is slow, very good condition. This is the only way to do it after a summer, after all, it’s only a preseason game. If Russell adhere to the training, keep the faith, he may not be up to the height of the library, but at least will not live up to the name of the second. In contrast to Mudie today jerky, at the same level as the students, Russell had his first step. It is easy to say that Russell has now demonstrated a NBA first point guard strength, while still staying in the rookie stage of the. (Tong Xin) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: