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Samsung Note  7 recall and burning loss statement — Sichuan channel — original title: Samsung Note7 recall statement and burning loss China Samsung 29 on the Note7 recall and burning loss statement: after testing, can ensure the safety and reliability of official sales China the state line version of Note7 the. And the recent recall of Note7 and the loss of fuel to the Chinese consumers to bring trouble and worry about apology. Samsung Electronics said that the product is produced in a unified global quality standards and quality control system, Samsung Electronics has never and will never adopt a double standard for china. The statement said that before the official listing of Note7, China Samsung Electronics to provide consumers with 1858 test experience machine. These test experience machine with the United States, South Korea, the same market needs to recall the battery, there may be potential risks. China Samsung Electronics initiative to the relevant state departments for the record, in accordance with the global standards for recycling. So far, most of the test machine has been recovered, the remaining part of the ongoing communication with the user contact. Part of the initial recovery of the product test results show that there is no evidence of internal combustion. By the third party China tarfa Laboratory (CTTL) and Exponent laboratory testing again, consistent with the results. The statement said, for each event, Samsung Electronics will take the initiative to contact the user in the first time, commissioned third party authority to conduct a comprehensive test. It is also recommended that consumers, such as problems encountered in the use of customer service hotline as soon as possible 4008105858. The statement specifically mentioned that since September 1st, the official launch of the National Bank of China Version of the Note7 is used to announce the recall of the product is completely different from the supplier of battery products. Currently, the replacement of new Note7 products in overseas markets have also used such battery products. (commissioning editor Li Qiangqiang and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: