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Samsung: China Note  7 explosion pot back –IT– original title: Samsung: line Note 7 explosion pot back these days have been friends broke the state line version of Note 7 Samsung Samsung in the products of combustion and explosion, deeper into the mire. Burning loss of Note 7 mobile phone case and then recall storm event, Samsung yesterday afternoon in the official website said that the event handling did not fully consider the feelings of consumers, the Samsung expressed the most sincere apologies. Samsung said that for the previous Note 7 appeared burning loss Chinese country line version of the product, the company’s first time to take the initiative to contact the user, and based on the consent of the user license under the combined battery supplier together to conduct a comprehensive inspection. However, there are mobile phone users spontaneous posting said Samsung did not take away the phone". Test results show that there is no evidence of internal combustion loss. After Samsung, commissioned by the domestic authoritative testing organizations — Chinese Theil Laboratory (CTTL) were detected again. The results indicate that the external thermal shock leads to the loss of the mobile phone, which is consistent with the results of the preliminary test. However, the external heating argument, will spearhead the explosion of mobile phone users broke the explosion. As of now, the domestic mobile phone users disclosure of spontaneous events of six, whether a lie need further investigation and verification. Analysis of marketing people, for Samsung, a battery problem is an indisputable fact, the public relations focus on consumers questioned the lie, not deep introspection and take remedial measures, such irrational behavior will only make Samsung mobile phone brand image further damage. (reporter Pan Fuda) (Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Shen Guangqian)相关的主题文章: