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Focus for a User Friendly Website, more and more focus on the same for a SEO Friendly Website. A proven SEO, Internet Marketing .pany will offer full length Internet marketing services including SEO, website optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, SEO content writing, SEO blog writing and PPC advertisement services. The intension of this article is to educate our clients, web browsers regarding SEO and its current role in online website promotion. Here in this article, we furnished the basic SEO techniques which we called as the foundations for your advanced SEO campaigns and search engine marketing campaigns. Our ultimate objective is to bring awareness among the browsers by suggesting the current trend of online marketing. This article is helpful to those who are new to SEO and to those who are searching for a solution to promote their website. Of course to implement such ethical SEO techniques in practical you need to consult a Professional SEO .pany. This article can suggest .mon SEO basics but not our custom SEO efforts. Hence, first go through this article and then visit the SEO services we offer. SEO Top Ranker Note: The SEO strategies mentioned in this article are very .mon to those having small business website or large corporate website and also .mon to websites with standard mark-up languages like HTML or PHP. Top SEO for Top Search Ranking Google is the word familiar for millions and billions of people in the world today. It plays a gigantic role to promote your online presence. Though it is familiar to you, your website should be familiar to Google if you wish to grab the attention of web browsers. For this you have to modify your existing website into SEO friendly. This practice helps you to maximize the website traffic and to get back your ROI within a short span. Search Engine Optimization, SEO is all about making a set of modifications to your website by using .mon sense. SEO is nothing but understanding how search engines work. It is an activity that depends on the browsers assumption. Hence, you need to optimize/modify your website by thinking in the way the browser thinks. The said modifications are simply improvements when viewed individually, but when these improvements are united, the desired result is noticeable on the internet. There are diverse languages in this contemporary world, so diverse people with diverse qualities and diverse culture. Hence, there is no wonder in having diverse terms for Search Engine Optimization. Let us explain through some illustrations. SEO is a .mon term for search engine optimization world wide. In UK, people generally write and pronounce search engine optimization as Search Engine Optimisation and its some SEO related terms as SEO optimisation, Google optimisation, website optimisation etc., When it .es to USA most of the people use the word Google before or after SEO like Google SEO and Google optimization. In India people generally use the words like SEO India, SEO services, SEO .pany, SEO marketing and SEO optimization. In this contemporary world: search engine optimization is a .mon fever for many other countries in the world like Canada, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, China, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Spain and many other Schengen countries. Hence, they such countries use the above discussed SEO related terms in .mon. But, the duty of Professional SEO .panies is to twist, turn and tweak the keywords to attain the Top Search Engine Rankings in all the country specific search engines. The more the rank, the more business they acquire. Hence, such SEO .panies use all the above keywords and in addition to these .panies use keywords like natural SEO, ethical SEO, organic SEO, white hat SEO etc. Major search engines like Google and Yahoo collects the data from your website by sending electronic spiders to copy the content of your web pages. These spiders are also known as Crawlers or Bots. By sending these crawlers search engines can assume the potentiality of your website to place in the search engine. If your website is SEO friendly, then the spiders can crawl easily to your website and so you can get top search engine ranking. Studying the said crawlers and spiders is all about the technical part of SEO and it is possible only for Professional Webmasters. Here, we will discuss about user friendly SEO process. More on Google FAQs for Top Ranking ->> Organic SEO Vs PPC Search Engine Optimization, SEO for Google is divided into two categories: Organic Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Engine Optimization. Organic Search Engine Optimization is some times called as Natural SEO while Paid Search Engine Optimization as PPC Campaign or Google Adwords. To say frankly, SEO process is necessary only for Organic SEO and not for paid SEO. Because, Google Adwords can display sponsored results depending on the money you invest. Professional SEO Webmaster Note: We prefer the former: "Organic SEO". This process of SEO is quite good on long run. By implementing some White Hat SEO efforts, you can get the desired ranking. There is no time limit for such kind of SEO and it is absolutely free. Just you need to invest for the process and you can get back your investment in the form of traffic. Whereas in PPC, the listing will appear as long as you pay. Your first page appearance is bounded with time. And it is not such a difficult task for Professional Webmasters. Top Best SEO Practices for a Better Listing – Such practices are generally followed by an Ethical SEO Firm. Creating unique yet suitable page titles Creating the descriptive, user friendly Meta Title Tags Using the Meta Description which is apt in describing the summary of the page Assigning the keywords related to your products, services Creating the Google Friendly/SEO Friendly URLs Improving the URLs by including product or service related keywords Optimizing the Code so that the search engine spiders can navigate easily Developing the links between the pages Creating the Google sitemaps, XML sitemaps Content Optimization by looking deeply into the quality and quantity of the content Content should be unique and it should grab the attention of the users Creating the descriptive anchor text on all the possible links of your website Using the H1, H2 tags up on the priority. Make sure for the main page title in H1 tag Image optimization by implementing ALTs Creating a robots.txt file and placing it in the root directory of your website. This robots.txt file has the capacity to .municate directly with the search engines and it will show the way for spiders to crawl into your website. Adding the Google Analytics Code. Google Analytics is a valuable source of insight about the traffic. Top Avoid the below suggested SEO Practices Your website will go for spam and will be deleted permanently from the search engines. Choosing dissimilar or unrelated titles. Title should match with the content inside the page. Choosing the same title tag for all the pages in your website. Stuffing keywords in the content and using unrelated keywords in the Meta Keywords tag. Avoid generic descriptions and the description only with keywords without forming sentence. Using lengthy URLs with unnecessary parameters. Never use the words like page1, page2. Profound nesting of sub directories. Creating unnecessary links [Linking all the pages in your website to one page unnecessarily] Neglecting broken links and outdated sitemaps Drop down menus or animated links Not restricting the 404 web pages to spiders Content with keyword stuffing. Content duplication. Content without titles and without a perfect format Neglecting spelling and grammatical mistakes Hidden text Using excessive heading tags in unnecessary places Using big flash animations Purchases links or copying links from other websites Top Along with this online search optimization, we suggest offline optimization activities to have a better result. Offline optimization includes mailing your news letters, new services, products, website to your existing customers, distributing your business cards with URL of your website, registering yourself in social media networks to have more interaction with users around. We suggest adding your website to Google local business center in which the browsers can access your contact details as well as the images of your products, services. Even though you are familiar with the above discussed topics dont dare to optimize your website yourself. Neglecting even the minute task or leaving your website for spam unknowingly can cost your online business. Many SEO mentors with decades of experience are struggling to reach the top ranking positions. But it is not possible to all. SEO is a task of techniques, strategies and .mon sense as said above. SEO technique that works today may not work tomorrow. This is because, of the constantly changing Google algorithms, search engine algorithms. We are also having a decade of experience in providing search engine optimization service but we spend the maximum time in studying the strategy of search engines. Now, we are having the ability to promote your website as we keep on changing our SEO tactics along with the changing algorithms. More on our custom SEO techniques vary from website to website and interestingly, we will develop some unique strategies for a website instantly at the time of optimizing. Hence, better to leave your SEO optimization, Website optimization task to our SEO Professionals in India. Top Contact Us on SEO .pany India offers inter. marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, search engine placement, website marketing, seo services, web optimization, web site promotion, search engine submissions, search engine promotion services from Ahmedabad, India. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: