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Shanghai fireworks "zero discharge" is how to do the original title: Shanghai fireworks "zero discharge" what do people think of fireworks vivid discussions still linger in the "taste", that people have a habit of conflict in all the forbidden word, did not expect the people’s environmental awareness, law-abiding consciousness is so strong. A report on Shanghai’s most stringent "no burning order" reports, yesterday, on the Internet unexpected harvest of praise from friends. As of last night, a news portal with comments on the news broke through the 123 thousand. A government ban can explode on the Internet with positive energy, which is rare. Apply this news headline to "refract new ideas of social governance", which actually reflects simultaneously, and also comes from the new demands of the people for air pollution control. In fact, in Shanghai to achieve the outer ring within 600 square kilometers "zero set off", the relevant departments of Shanghai leaders said, "before the Spring Festival, we are nervous."". The so-called tension, that is, to understand the extent of the public acceptance of the new deal and doubt. However, the fact that haze head, the performance of the people can be described as remarkable. In fact, it is not difficult to see carefully the netizen’s attention to this news, and the point praise is behind the realistic critical meaning. Because of envy, so point praise; because helpless, so yearning. This is the deep sense of the air pollution after the government’s ability to sincerely expect. However, the pollution index released by the Ministry of environmental protection of the Spring Festival this year can be seen, new year’s Eve (7 ~ 20 to 8 days, 6), more than 200 cities nationwide air quality serious pollution or serious pollution, including 66 cities air quality index "explosion table"". The air quality of new year’s day in Shijiazhuang started from "two levels" in the morning, and jumped to "serious pollution" in the morning". In the first month of the year fifteen, fireworks in Ji’nan were set off more than New Year’s Eve. At 7 o’clock that night, the concentration of PM2.5 began to soar, and at last it was higher than that of new year’s eve…… Thought that people are still reluctant to part with the "year flavor" of fireworks, that people in all banned words will be habitually inconsistent, did not think the public awareness of environmental protection, law-abiding awareness has been so strong. Of course, some of the reason why the city fireworks will aggravate the haze, some city governance habitual administrative inertia is also to blame. Shanghai and other cities to implement a comprehensive ban on burning new deal, the local government departments actually assume more responsibility, do more research, but also under more painstaking efforts. In addition, it is also a manifestation of the improvement of the rule of law and the simultaneous improvement of administrative ability. These "as" in place, the public awareness will not have too much misjudgment, will not make the spring festival air quality index "burst table"". The fireworks, still remain in the "initiative to reduce the discharge of the city, should take this news as a mirror, look in the short board of administrative ability; should be in the news of the praise, people really need to examine the appeal. Liu Xuesong (media) editor: Huang Rui SN224

上海烟花“零燃放”是咋做到的   原标题:上海烟花“零燃放”是咋做到的   议论风生   以为民众还在留恋烟花爆竹的“年味”,以为百姓在所有的禁字当头都会习惯性抵触,没想到民众的环保意识、守法意识已经如此强烈。   一篇关于上海最严“禁燃令”的报道,昨天在网上意想不到地收获了来自网友的点赞。截至昨晚,某门户网站这条新闻的跟评点赞就突破了12.3万个。   一条政府禁令,能够以正能量的效果在网上燃爆,这挺难得。套用这条新闻标题所述的“折射社会治理新思路”,它其实同时折射的,也是来自民众对于大气污染治理的新诉求。   事实上,要在上海实现外环内600平方公里“零燃放”,上海市相关部门的领导表示,“春节之前我们挺紧张的”。所谓紧张,就是忐忑,是对民众接受这项新政的程度还有怀疑。然而事实证明,雾霾当头,民众的表现可谓可圈可点。   其实,仔细琢磨网友对于这条新闻的关注不难看出,点赞背后是有着现实批判意味的。因为羡慕,所以点赞;因为无奈,所以向往。这是被大气污染伤到太深之后,对政府治理能力的由衷期待。然而从环保部今年春节发布的污染指数可以看出,除夕夜(7日20时至8日6时)全国有200多个城市出现过空气质量重度污染或严重污染,其中66个城市出现空气质量指数“爆表”。石家庄大年初一的空气质量,由凌晨的“二级”,上午蹿至“严重污染”。济南正月十五的烟花爆竹燃放得比除夕夜还欢,当晚7点开始,PM2.5浓度开始飙升,最后比除夕夜还高……   以为民众还在留恋烟花爆竹的“年味”,以为百姓在所有的禁字当头都会习惯性抵触,没想到民众的环保意识、守法意识已经如此强烈。当然,一些城市之所以烟花燃放会加剧雾霾,一些城市治理者习惯性的行政惰性也难辞其咎。上海等城市施行的全面禁燃新政,当地政府部门其实承担了更多的责任,做了更多调查研究,也下了更多细致扎实的苦工夫。此外,这也是法治完善、行政能力同步提高的表现。这些“作为”到位了,对民众的“觉悟”就不会有太大的误判,就不会令春节期间空气质量指数“爆表”。   对烟花爆竹的限制,还停留在“倡议减少燃放”的城市,应该把这条新闻当成一面镜子,照照行政能力的短板;应该在这条新闻的点赞中,重新审视一下民众真心需要的诉求。   □刘雪松(媒体人) 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: