Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, the first delivery of the scale of the first three after the Guangzhou poper

Shenzhen express Beijing learned after the first super scale operation of Shanghai Guangzhou ranked the top three nationwide – Beijing reporters yesterday from the Shenzhen Postal Administration announced in July the postal industry in Shenzhen City, according to the business volume ranking, since this year, Shenzhen express scale has for the first time beyond Beijing, entered the top three, second only to Shanghai, Guangzhou Express; income to maintain the country’s second, second only to Shanghai. From the business structure, the international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, China’s fastest growing courier business, an increase of more than 70%. According to the Shenzhen Post Office statistics, in July, the city’s above scale courier business income of 2 billion 288 million yuan, completed a total of $15 billion 30 million this year, an increase of 27.99%. July, the city’s above scale express business volume of 173 million 118 thousand and 100 completed this year, a total of 1 billion 71 million 663 thousand and 400, an increase of 54.56%. From the business point of view, this year 1~7 month, Shenzhen city express courier companies completed 316 million business volume, accounting for 28.61%; domestic express business volume of 646 million, accounting for 62.14%; the international and China’s Hong Kong and Macao business volume completed 110 million, accounting for 9.25%. Analysts believe that the rapid development of cross-border electricity supplier led to the rise of Shenzhen express business volume. Data show that as of the first half, the Shenzhen customs filing of cross-border electricity supplier companies have reached 530. The first half of the year, the customs clearance in the former Bay bonded port bonded imported goods list (online shopping parcels) about 7 million 948 thousand of the votes, an increase of 211.97%. (reporter Jiang?)相关的主题文章: