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Small coup! 10 methods to control the tooth – Food Channel — original title: 10 control method sweets research shows that sugar will make certain chemicals in the brain, make people feel good, so people tend to stop. Ordinary people occasionally eat sweets is not a serious problem, even diabetic patients can eat a little, but not too much. The United States health monitoring website for this summary of the 10 small ways to help sugar friends control the intake of sweets. 1 slowly reducing. For example, add 4 spoonfuls of sugar to the coffee, cut to $3 this week, down to $two a week. 2 don’t miss dinner. A meal that does not eat or two meals is too long will cause a drop in blood sugar, which will increase people’s desire for sweets. In fact, every 3~5 hours to eat a small amount of time. 3 go out for a walk. Physical activity can inhibit people’s desire for sweets, the reason is that the production of endorphins can improve mood and enhance physical strength. 4 ask family members to help. If you have to store cookies at home, let the family hide them where they can’t see them. It is difficult to control the desire to eat when people are faced with sweets. 5 play a game to avoid boredom. Boredom is one of the main factors causing people to crave sweets. You can try to sugar weaving, painting, reading, video games at home, with family or a game of chess. Put your energy into something to make up their own work, can let a person forget. 6 place the fruit in a convenient place to eat. When you want to eat sweets, a fruit can play an alternative role. For some low sugar, on the condition of good fruit in the room, such as strawberry, blueberry and blackberry fruits; avoid eating high sugar content, if preserved or juice. 7 make rules that you can live with. For example, allow yourself to eat only once a week, or limit your intake of sugar, only a certain amount of sugar a day. This can not only reduce the pressure, but also to meet expectations. 8 chew sugar free gum. Chewing gum can control cravings for sweets and reduce the likelihood of snacking, research shows. 9 brush your teeth. The taste of toothpaste can relieve people’s desire for sweets. Imagine how bad it is to mix the sweet and the lingering toothpaste. 10 modest concessions. If you really want to eat sweets, wait 15~20 minutes. If you still want to eat, eat a small amount. Here is a Chocolate recipe: a piece of dark chocolate frozen (dark chocolate proved to be beneficial to heart health), frozen will make the chocolate in the mouth, stay longer, so as not to eat too much. * (commissioning editor Xu Xiaohua and Zhao Jinghan)相关的主题文章: