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Small Tibetan mastiff Zhang Jike, hundreds of blue shoes to take hundreds of thousands of watches – Sohu wear hundreds of pieces of blue shoes to take hundreds of thousands of watches, Zhang Jike’s aesthetic is not who recently! Zhang Jike is really too much fire. Since the Rio games, the heat has not fallen off. A few days ago, Zhang Jike appeared in Dalian airport, successfully attracted the attention of the people of the country. It is reported that the Zhang Jike is to participate in Hunan TV program recording. The appearance of Zhang Jike, people were surprised to find that the millennium change small shoes gone, but his hands watch bright. This is a table in his hand is Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak Offshore 26400AU.OO.A002CA.01 watch series. The current market price of about 270 thousand yuan. This watch is equipped with automatic mechanical movement, watchcase using forged carbon material, ceramic material for the black bezel, black dial engraved "Mé GA Tapisserie" oversized checkered black platinum decoration, collocation timer, time scale and three-dimensional fluorescence pointer and black in the royal oak table ring. Since its launch in 1993, the Royal Oak Offshore series to break the established design standards, re interpretation of the Royal Oak series of mysterious elements of design. The heroic and generous qualities of the masculine style and the character of Zhang Jike wild and intractable embraced each other, looks more handsome! As early as 2012 Zhang Jike on "every day" program, put on the table, not visible in general love! It is worth mentioning that a father hand with this watch, "arrogant" Zhang did table friends? This is a table is 116233 disc Rolex Champagne Diamond Watch log type series, the market price of about 90 thousand yuan. Do you think this watch is a piece of paper or a piece of his own?. Zhang Jike said in an interview before, the favorite country is Switzerland, because he likes watches. People familiar with Zhang Jike knew he loved to watch is not less than the degree of table tennis, he also collected a lot of watches, Xiao Bian said when looking for information, eyes to see! This is Zhang Jike’s early pictures, he hands it a watch from a Cartier Santos (Santos) watch series, light, specific type of small not sure. However, from the appearance point of view, watch models should be W20121U2, the price is probably around 40 thousand yuan. Albert · Santos Dumont hit his historic flight record two years ago, Louis · Cartire has designed a unique avant-garde flight watch for his friends. Albert Santos Dumont – · demand is very simple: in the operation of the aircraft, he could not see his watch from his pocket; therefore, Louis · Cartire for then popular Chronograph concept can be modified, the table is fixed on the table on the leather belt, so that the wearer can know at a glance time in this section, the details presented in the square table. This watch was only seven years later, Cartire will be officially launched watch santos. .相关的主题文章: