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Home-Securtiy We have been promised Smart Homes in the near future Jam packed with gadgets that seemingly think for themselves, sensing when we have gone out and left the heating up high and reducing it to save energy and boost efficiency. Samsung have recently unveiled a starter kit that connects to a central hub and controls a variety of sensors around the house including a motion sensor, a Multi-sensor, a presence sensor, a power outlet and a moisture sensor. A Motion sensor will trigger a notification or alarm if movement occurs within a set area from monitoring off limit areas such as offices or studies to triggering a night light into action when a child gets out of bed! The Multi-sensor can tell you if a door or window has been opened or closed and various actions can be performed when it is triggered such as turning a light on and off. A Presence sensor is a key fob that can be attached to your pet’s collar or childrens back pack to alert you if they enter or exit a certain area Power outlet sensor can be used to control electrical appliances that are plugged into it from your smart phone and monitor how much electricity is being used by a specific appliance. Finally, the moisture sensor can be used to protect from water damage and flooding. Users will receive a notification on their phone if water is detected where it doesnt belong and can be programmed to trigger an alert if there is a leak. These are a new addition to the Smart Home Security and Fire Protection used already by many to monitor their home . Smart home protection or smart burglar alarms are wirelessly installed so there is none of the mess associated with burglar alarm installation and easily controllable from a smart phone app Monitored home security offers the user the .fort of knowing that even if they are at work or even on holiday and there is a break in the relevant authorities and help will be despatched from a centralised .pany and footage will be sent to your smartphone app to view straight away. The interaction between the smartphone app and your home security system can also be used to check in on home alone pets (or teenagers) for reassurance. These Items, although clever, are seen by many as the beginning of the end when it .es to simplicity and ease of use but they dont have to be! If you have an elderly relative who lives alone that you are concerned about these systems can offer great piece of mind, many also offering pendant alarms for the elderly . The ability to check in on the house of an elderly relative before you go to bed and receive an immediate alarm should anything happen is unprecedented and invaluable to many. Although they are deemed by some as unnecessary Smart home alarms can be the best solution for the protection your family and home and may mean the difference between life and death. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: