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South Korea China fishing murder of the deceased autopsy – Sohu news information: on October 11th, in Jeonnam Mokpo City three crane Island police wharf, sea police in South Korea to repeat things Chinese fishing boat engine room throwing the earthquake bomb case. (source: Yonhap) [global network reported Yonhap quoted South Korean] October 28th Mokpo marine police security agency sources said, Korea Institute of forensic medicine — National Institute of scientific investigation conducted an autopsy on the evening of 27 three Chinese fishermen killed remains in South Korean waters on the fishing boat fire occurred in the end of the month. Reported that the autopsy began at 27 am, lasted for 4 hours. 24, the families of the deceased, the Chinese civil service, the Consulate General of the Chinese Consulate General in Kwangju. After the autopsy, the body placement of a hospital in the city of Mokpo. Korean maritime police related parties, at autopsy obtained 4 survivors after approval. With the entry of China and his servants and China Consulate General in Kwangju and South Korea in the requirements of police charge interview to provide compensation, and impartial investigation. Korean maritime police said, if someone’s captain with the coast guard will not fire, hope that the Chinese side waiting for the cause of the fire investigation results released. Korean maritime police official said, the National Science Research Institute released the results of the autopsy, search the cause of the fire investigation to take quite a long time, a lot of investigation all over time. Reported that the identity of the detained 14 Chinese fishermen have been transferred to the Lishui immigration management office on the 21, is going back to the required procedures. According to Yonhap news agency, September 29th, a China boat fire in South Korea’s exclusive economic zone, 3 China fishermen killed. The time of the incident, the Korean maritime police boats to throw the broken window after the earthquake bomb turbine indoor fire. The report said, whether there is a direct relationship between the bomb explosion and fire is the key to the investigation. The current investigation is under way.相关的主题文章: