South Korean prosecutors dare to search why President Park Geun hye’s residence-easeljs

South Korean prosecutors dare to search why President Park Geun hye’s residence? Original title: This is a road of no return, no South Korean President hospice Author: Source: public number with cattle cattle playing "before Obama won the Gulf War admiral Powell, is most likely the White House black politicians, when both parties are dished out an olive branch to him. But Mrs. Powell Alma worried that politics is a struggle, Powell will become the first black presidential candidate assassinated. In order to avoid his wife Powell assured her, feel alarmed, will not participate in the presidential election. Otherwise, there would be no such thing as Obama. Political career, sometimes a long march. But Powell is very clear, in the United States, the highest political position, sometimes it is a road of no return. This is the park. Her tragedy is that, despite South Korea today, since that is a democratic country, but there are difficult to get rid of the talk about the relationship between the back door and other feudal tradition; she is expensive for the president of a country, but by all kinds of supervision and check. She was a good friend of China, later betrayed Chinese, thad deployment system, which is certainly hateful; but early orphaned family tragedy, and even now universally condemned man said to kill the plight of a woman, reduced to the point where it is poor. Several observation points: first, a lot of media from the media ridicule, Pu Jinhui is a puppet, because there is a bestie in boring, but on the other hand, it exposes a country as President Park Geun Hye helpless. Because what is behind the screen? It is behind the curtain of a cough, before the curtain puppet have to shiver, just like the Empress Dowager Ci Xi a hint, the emperor not only to pick the right love for the queen. Cui Shunshi up to help Pu Jinhui give advice and suggestions, may occasionally unavoidably plug nepotism contraband, said she really decided military events, it is really too underestimate the intelligence of the park. On the other side, there is a limit to the power of President Pu Jinhui. If she can selections, she can hire her most trusted bestie cabinet, becoming minister or her cronies, become the most relied on the chief of staff. So the latter is right and proper, the notes into face, the outside world should also cannot say what. But Pu Jinhui can’t. Because this is not the political bestie, if she suddenly promoted her, that she will soon be charged, nepotism. She only occasionally listened to several suggestions bestie, but this is also a bestie computer blind, finally Park Geun hye backfire, was considered is the stage of the puppet. She bowed in apology, the restructuring of the government, people also he’s really not letting this go. Do not understand the computer, really killed a lot of politicians. Second, Pu Jinhui bestie was the fuse, in fact, just let the rich two generation daughter back door to the university. This is now sweeping the political farce South Korea, the cause is actually very simple, according to Xinhua News Agency reported: in 2015, Cui Shunshi’s daughter Jeong, to equestrian specialty students qualified to be admitted to the university. Ewha university is one of Korea’s oldest university, the seven or eight row of position in South Korea about. But Han Guowei相关的主题文章: