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Spanish Real Madrid Preview: 46 years to record C Ronaldo and shame of lion carcasses? [collection] Real Madrid beat Warsaw 5-1 morata shot C Ronaldo (real data) brush assists round League squad, led by Tencent in October 23rd BBC sports news Beijing standard time on October 24th at 2:45 a.m., the ninth round of La Liga, Real Madrid home court against Bilbao. Real Madrid has two Lianping League home court, back home court 3 Lianping is 1969-70 this season, Zidane may be more than the first rotation, C Ronaldo against La Liga career Basque has scored 16 goals, the history of the first, please pay attention. Match point 1: to Real Madrid for the first time in 46 years before the home court three Lianping Real Madrid two successive league draw with Villarreal and erval home court, home court is also the first time since April 2011, two victorious, the White army back in the Bernabeu League 3 Lianping, or in the distant 46 years ago, the 1969-70 season. Fortunately, in recent years in Real Madrid against Basque Bernabeu lions outstanding record, the league has home court winning 11 games, averaging 3.8 goals, which is in Bilbao for the first time in history for 11 years at Bernabeu scoreless. 2:C Lo slaughter lion? Week in the Champions League Real Madrid scored 5 goals, C Ronaldo Keliwushou, won only 4 goals so far this season is the 678 minutes of the game, Real Madrid after the worst start. C Ronaldo scored 16 goals in La Liga career against Bilbao, is the largest number of lions player Basque goal in the league in the history of the weekend break, C Ronaldo can again Tu Shi? 3 May 4: Zidane rotation position analysis of "Aspen" Gomes, Zidane will make a rotation in 4 position, rest a few players to the Champions League first, defensive midfield to replace Danilo Carvajal, Isko replaced J Ronaldo, Kovacic replaced Asensio, BBC may also be dismantled, morata will play Benzema rotation. 4: the big list, Fabio Coentrao missed the Real Madrid one day announced early in the big list, Fabio Coentrao still missed, Mariano was not selected, Ramos, Modri and Miro jam still recovering, but no new injuries occur. Before the game, Zidane: "I don’t have a headache, but I have to think about it for a long time. Cross? We had only one substitute for Casey Milo in his place, but Cross told me he had a day off, and if he wasn’t worried, what else could I worry about?. Pepe is very important to the team, he has been in the past 10 years, the contribution of the value of the fight for this shirt. I would be happy if all the players signed a contract, they were the best. I appreciate morata, I talked to him, tell him the season is very long, he will be an important part of a successful team. The Brazil team got jammed Miro? We will pay attention to the situation." Real Madrid is expected to debut (4-3-3): Navas; Carvajal, Pepe, Valane, Marcello; Kovacic, Baer, Morata cross, Isko; Luo, C (Cuchu)相关的主题文章: