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"Spirit" conference held in Beijing in November 16th for awakening positive – Sohu entertainment   "is the spirit" conference held in Beijing City fantasy "network drama is the spirit" by the Sohu and Sohu entertainment news video Beijing billion odd Entertainment Television Culture Co., Ltd. jointly produced in November 14th held in Beijing on awakening Conference, Sohu chairman of the board and CEO Zhang Zhaoyang, general manager of Sohu, Sohu Television Center video copyright mark video market promotion center and content operations center senior director Zhang Pingyu and director Guo Huizhong third, starring Peng Yuchang, Sun Xuening, Liu Qi, Ellie, Itami Yun GA, Okat, Dong Qi, Tong Yi Yang, cocoa to attend. "Spirit" is mainly about the ordinary young Momin lost father, mother was raised difficult, an accident unfortunately caught in the Momin two days between the Union and the Jiuqing Ling Shi group struggle, and found the existence of "spirit" — he could not, those seemingly antique it can be turned into weapons, beautiful girl, but also to fight. Beautiful girl and always with their friendship is not shallow and like-minded, actually also has a hidden identity. He seemed to fall into a bottomless, struggling not to open, no struggle, in the face of all this, he how to choose. The spirit of the device from November 16th every Wednesday, four points in the exclusive broadcast of Sohu video, Gold members look ahead, Sohu video will be broadcast live on the conference.   相关的主题文章: