Suiti Xiao crown and its imitation Yangzhou public exhibition to reproduce thousands of years ago (F ssport

Suiti Xiao crown and its imitation Yangzhou public exhibition to reproduce thousands of years ago (Figure) – elegant Beijing, Beijing, September 18 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Cui Jiaming) 18, Suiti Shaw crown and its imitation in Yangzhou for the first time for the public display of citizens eager to visit the exhibits, and have come up with a mobile phone camera, leaving it a precious moment. Yangzhou city cultural relics and Archaeology Research Institute manager Shu Jiaping said, this is by far the highest level of the crown in the Sui and Tang dynasties. Into the hall, Suiti Shaw crown and its imitation are on display in the central hall, after thousands of years, Xiao crown mysterious veil has been lifted, the miter still mud package, but careful observation can see the drop shape ceremony on the crown of the headdress, part of earth is exposed Xiaoshiren upright in the flower petals in between brass. According to Northwestern Polytechnical University professor Yang Junchang presided over the Suiti Shaw crown archaeological laboratory and protection project, because the preservation of acid soil in Yangzhou is not suitable for metal artifacts, crown ornaments Xiao serious corrosion. After more than two years after the repair, Xiao crown shape to complete some fragile accessories maintenance, some traces are preserved. Pictured visitors took out the phone and camera shooting, leaving this precious moment. Cui Jiaming photo with the adjacent imitation shine in Showcase lighting, golden. Yang Junchang said, imitation of the maximum reduction of Xiao crown appearance, 13 tall trees, 166 pieces of copper petals and 12 pieces of teardrop shaped headdress…… Such a glittering Xiao crown in a moment the visitors pulled back to one thousand years ago, intuitively and comprehensively feel Xiao crown once elegant, and the strength of the archaeological laboratory "turn bad into good". For Xiao imitation magnificent crown. Photo by Cui Jiaming on the same day, the same period on display are cleared from the tomb Xiao Yong monarch Yan, Yu Zhang, copper lamp three pieces of cultural relics, Yangzhou cultural relics and Archaeology Research Institute manager Shu Jiaping said that the three pieces of cultural relics can direct evidence of the identity of the xiao. In 2013, the tomb of emperor tomb in Yangzhou and Xiao Cao Zhuang was found, archaeologists from a clear epitaph, jade, bronze, pottery, lacquerware and other precious relics of more than 400 pieces (sets). One of them is a precious gift for the queen crown belongs to the queen called Xiao Xiao crown. Pictured after the millennium, the mysterious veil lifted Xiao crown. Photo by Cui Jiaming Yang Junchang told reporters, which lasted more than two years, Xiao crown repair work has been completed. Currently known Xiao crown material containing gold, copper, iron, glass, marble, pearls, wood, paint, cotton, silk and other 10 kinds of process; including hammering, welding, filigree, mosaic, beads, gold, gold, casting, carving, polishing, cutting, lacquer 12, the component complexity and exquisite degree far beyond imagination. Archaeological laboratory shows that the framework is composed of two crown Xiao Bo, head of a cross beam and a two ring composed of three hoops. The frame member distribution 13 tall trees, there are 12 pieces of position in the crown after drop shaped ornaments, a total of three layers. The picture shows a direct proof of the identity of Shaw after three artifacts. Photo by Cui Jiaming Yang Junchang said, after Xiao laboratory work and the protection of the archaeological achievements)相关的主题文章: