Sun Zhongshan published in Nanjing in 1912 two to return to Nanjing after the collection of historic-darren hayes

"Sun Zhongshan" published in Nanjing in 1912 two to return to Nanjing after the historical compiles the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Xiao Shan Hu Zhuoran) in Sun Zhongshan’s 150 anniversary, and Jincheng press office chronicles compilation of "Sun Zhongshan in Nanjing" yesterday officially published historical data collection. The book revealed that in April 8, 1912 and October 21st to 22, Mr Sun Zhongshan sacked two times after he returned to Nanjing. 1912 New Year’s day, Sun Zhongshan took office in Nanjing, the provisional president of the Republic of China, opened a new page in the history of modern china. However, the book has not yet been published in the history of Sun Zhongshan in Nanjing for the contents of the book, which is considered to be a pity. "Sun Zhongshan looks at Mr. Sun Zhongshan in Nanjing the various activities of the historical facts in Nanjing" historical compiles a book, selected as the provisional government of Nanjing official documents collection of "provisional government gazette", "Republic of the North-South compilation of historical record" in the historical key. At the same time, the city office chronicles had purchased "the people newspaper" "Declaration" and "times", "Ta Kung Pao" newspaper copy, organization of Jinling Institute of Technology and other colleges and universities students volunteer daily combing, extract relevant local reports, as complete as possible reappearance of Mr. Sun Zhongshan in Nanjing during the period of history. By experts, the life of Sun Zhongshan Shang Mingxuan China Research Academy of Social Sciences Institute of modern history researcher confirmed, "Sun Zhongshan in Nanjing" a part of the historical materials collection book quoted Mr. Sun Zhongshan as interim president issued a decree, handling of affairs, had never been found in all kinds of academic circles, so far published a biography of Sun Zhongshan,. Such books are not included. These newly discovered historical materials are included in this book, but also to fill the gaps in the study of Sun Zhongshan’s life. "Sun Zhongshan in Nanjing" historical compiles a book also for the first time to answer to what Mr Sun Zhongshan had several problems in Nanjing. 1912 New Year’s day, Mr. Sun Zhongshan arrived in Nanjing from Shanghai to become president of the Republic of China, is the history of his life for the first time came to Nanjing. Sun Zhongshan sacked after the prior to the year after leaving Nanjing in April 3rd until his death, and whether to return to this city? The key issue of Sun Zhongshan’s origins with Nanjing, which has not been studied so far, is widely believed that Mr Sun Zhongshan has not returned since April 3, 1912, when he left Nanjing. "" Sun Zhongshan in Nanjing "a book by historical compiles the collected historical data confirmed that in April 8, 1912 and October 21st to 22, Mr. Sun Zhongshan had returned to Nanjing for two times." City chronicles do researchers told reporters, the first is to Nanjing and served as the Nanjing left behind Huang Xing talks, the second in Nanjing to inspect and report. According to the book collection of historical materials, and Mr. Sun Zhongshan’s last parting of the city of Nanjing, is at 3 pm on October 22, 1912. At that time, Mr. Sun Zhongshan in Nanjing Shimonoseki pier boarded the "joint whale" warship upstream. In the historical record, Mr Sun Zhongshan never returned to Nanjing in his lifetime. After his death in Nanjing for the rest of the land, after 17 years of Guizang Nanjing, 192.相关的主题文章: