Sunriser Yu-chi de plume where Bingjiao into the semi-finals of two doubles battled out (video)

Sunriser Yu-chi de plume where Bingjiao into the semi-finals of two doubles battled out Cai & #36191; respect the country feather lost the advantage of reason: the backward training mode must be changed in November 5th 2016 at Tencent Dan Yuqi sports Grand Prix gold German open end of the 14 finals, two doubles for the country feather were needed three games out of regret men’s doubles, only child of King Huang Kaixiang Yi law 1-2 against Malaysia’s Wang Yaoxin Zhang Yuyu, Wang Yilv Huang Dongping 1-2 mixed doubles teenager lost to England Ed Corke couple. Shi Yuqi reversed all Brazilian Indonesia into the men’s singles semi-finals, where Bingjiao easily enter the women’s singles semi-finals, another two of the women’s and a pair of mixed doubles semi-finals. The 14 men’s singles final, all Brazilian Indonesia country feather only No. 4 seed Shi Yuqi against No. 5 seed, after the two sides met three times in the stone Uch win and two defeats slightly underdogs, but winning a tournament in France last week’s 14 finals, the stone Uch defeated his opponent and finally won the championship. This meeting, the first Jonathan 21-16 xianbatouchou, then Dan Yuqi in two 21-14 won two games, 2-1 to win, to reach the semifinals, Dan Yuqi semi-final opponent is the No. 12 seed in India. The 14 women’s singles final, top seed, the country feather women’s singles match is Denmark’s only child He Bingjiao Mei Poulsen, France last week two people played once, then what Bingjiao 2-0 win easily, meet again after one week, the first game of the war to 8 flat, He Bingjiao hit a 8-1 wave, the 21-16 before the next city, the second game of He Bingjiao from the start to establish 4-0 advantage, leading the way to win 21-15, where this Bingjiao 2-0 win the match, her semi-final opponent is Thailand’s No. 3 seed Sang Lan cloth. The other two Thailand contestant No. 2 and No. 4 seed seed poundi Ni Chang – Jin Da Wen won two additional seats in the semi-finals. The 14 men’s doubles final, the country feather team of Huang Kaixiang Wang Yilv is the only opponent Zhang Yuyu Wang Yaoxin of Malaysia, the results in the fight over three Bureau, combined with 15-21, 26-24, Chinese lost 18-21, this country feather no doubles semi-finals. No. 4 seed Chen Honglin of Taipei, the No. 6 seed Wang Qilin of Denmark as Chu Pu des – Skau Raup and Mike – Fawkes No. 8 seed Johannes shutler to enter the semi-finals. The 14 women’s doubles final, China team two pairs of combinations for the semi-finals, top seed Chen Qingchen Jia Yifan against Russia’s A Kurkovva Mo Lozzo Va cervi, after the two sides haven’t played the game, Chen Qingchen Jia Yifan came out on top in the 21-16, 21-12 win, their next round opponent is Indonesia Lydia La Diputa. Huang Dongping Li Yinhui also played well with 21-18 and 21-14’s No. 3 seed Frege Reed McCann Denmark combination Sara Thygeson, semi final against No. 2 seed Kitty of Thailand Talaku – in high temperature of Pan – pull bazon cai. Mixed doubles 14 finals, two of the country feather combined attack, No. 2 seed Zheng Siwei Chen Qingchen zhiluoliangju to 21-13 and 21-12 in the combination of Mike – Fawkes Linda – Germany).相关的主题文章: