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Sunshine insurance placards Yili commitment within a year has seven listed companies holdings placards Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my sunshine insurance placards Yili commitment within a year has seven holdings placards listed companies in the China Times reporter Hu Jinhua Shanghai reported in A the stock market you, insurance funds placards listed companies from last year till now, sunshine insurance group is one of them. Although not as Qianhai life style placards, Ampang insurance and life insurance hilder like that sharp, but as of now the Jupai seven listed companies, of which six A shares, H shares a mechanism. "The China Times (public No.: ChinaTimes)" to September 18th, A shares of Erie shares (600887.SH) disclosure announcement, September 14th sunshine insurance group through its sunshine life and sunshine property insurance companies, the proportion of the total shareholding of more than 5%, thus triggering placards. According to the announcement, in September 14th, sunshine insurance through the Shanghai stock exchange centralized trading system holdings of shares of 5667900 shares of outstanding shares outstanding shares, representing a total of $0.09% of its total share capital. Prior to this increase, sunshine insurance has held 298 million shares of Erie shares, accounting for the total share capital of 4.91%. After the holdings, sunshine insurance holds a total of 303 million shares, thereby holding a total share of the total share capital of Erie shares of 5%. "China Times" (public No.: ChinaTimes) reporter learned that, due to the holdings of Yili, sunshine insurance enterprise visibility, ownership structure and Yili itself, caused widespread concern of the capital market. But with the capital markets caused "barbarians at the gate" conjecture is different, sunshine insurance placards Yili, the first time to inform the Erie, and in the information disclosure clearly supports the Yili existing ownership structure report, do not take the initiative to become the Erie shares the first big shareholder "and" no longer in the holdings of Erie shares within the next 12 months". Sunshine insurance as a financial institution, its business is very focused on long-term and robustness. The company always adhere to prudent and prudent investment style, its long-term foreign investment, are based on the prospects for the investment industry and business prospects. The placards Yili, is also optimistic about the prospects for the development China consumer industry, recognized the investment value of yili." Is the day, the sun insiders said. It is noteworthy that Yili in August 9th held a provisional meeting of the eighth session of the board of directors, around key words of anti takeover of a series of amendments to the articles of association, rules of the board of directors, which has also been understood as Yili tried to block the hostile takeover measures for. But by the evening of August 19th, Erie shares, said the board of directors to consider carefully, decided to further improve the above motion. Because of the time reason, the board decided to cancel the scheduled August 26, 2016 meeting of the company in 2016 second extraordinary general meeting, the board of directors of the above proposal for further improvement should be submitted to the shareholders’ general meeting. theory相关的主题文章: