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Taiwan airliner before takeoff emergency escape ladder sudden pop up 77 passengers travel delay – Beijing, Beijing, September 23, according to Taiwan’s United Daily News reported that Taiwan’s TransAsia Airways Airbus A320 aircraft, flight 23 to be a task before the morning, emergency escape ladder left rear popped up, but fortunately the passengers no boarding, did not cause the ground crew injury, to investigate the cause of the incident. It is pointed out that the TransAsia Airways A320 aircraft, originally scheduled for 23 days GE-318 flight to Xuzhou at 8:50 in the morning, morning about 8 aircraft towed to Taoyuan airport tarmac ground A1 do the entire work, emergency escape ladder left rear door suddenly pops up, great sound to the ground crew shocked. As for the incident reason began to say, there are rumors aircraft or ground personnel hit the emergency door switch, there are rumors of a mechanical failure accident triggered by detailed and investigating cause by the relevant units. The aircraft was towed to the feeder after the maintenance of the flat 603, GE-318 flights were delayed revival. TransAsia Airways said Taoyuan – Xuzhou GE318 flights (77 passengers), passengers before boarding the plane, ground operations personnel, for failing to lift switch, to escape slide pops up, now replaced, caused by flight delays caused by passengers 80 minutes trip delay, apologize, took off at 9:54 in the morning.相关的主题文章: