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Taiyuan police has broken 4 cases of disrupting radio communications management order Taiyuan daily news, if your phone is often received spam messages in a region, then it is likely that some people in the vicinity of "pseudo base station" disrupt radio communication. In September 22nd, the Municipal Public Security Bureau notified 4 cases of disrupting the order of radio communication management. In February this year, the Provincial Public Security Bureau deployed in the province’s public security organs for half a year to combat "black broadcast pseudo base station" special action of criminal offenses. Since the implementation of the action, the city’s criminal investigation departments give full play to their role, comprehensively carry out combat governance, "black broadcast pseudo base station" crime to crack down. After the police investigation efforts, uncovered the use of pseudo base station equipment sending spam and information, disturb the order of radio communication management from 4 cases, arrested 9 suspects, and seized a pseudo base station equipment 6 sets of tools, 3 vehicles, 1 electric bicycle. According to preliminary statistics, these 4 cases involving more than 50 victims of the masses, resulting in indirect economic losses amounted to more than 300 yuan. It is reported that the "pseudo base station" harm is mainly manifested in the "pseudo base station" misappropriation of public radio frequency communications operators resources, the high-power emission caused by strong disturbance to the surrounding electromagnetic environment; "pseudo base station" bypassing the public communication network, if the organization or individual by using fraudulent public service have an ulterior motive, number or authority to fabricate false information send a rumor or seditious publication of false statements, will cause the social incalculable influence, and even pose a serious threat to national security. (Yang Mo)

太原警方连破4起扰乱无线电通信管理秩序案   太原日报讯 如果你的手机经常在某区域收到垃圾短信,那么很可能有人在附近用“伪基站”扰乱无线电通信。9月22日,市公安局通报4起扰乱无线电通信管理秩序案。   今年2月,省公安厅在全省公安机关部署开展为期半年的打击“黑广播伪基站”违法犯罪专项行动。行动开展以来,全市刑侦部门充分发挥职能作用,全面开展打击治理,对“黑广播伪基站”违法犯罪给予严厉打击。经过侦查民警不懈努力,成功破获利用“伪基站”设备群发垃圾广告和信息、扰乱无线电通信管理秩序案4起,抓获犯罪嫌疑人9名,缴获“伪基站”设备6套,作案工具机动车3辆,电动自行车1辆。据初步统计,这4起案件涉及受害群众50万余人,造成间接经济损失达300余万元。   据悉,“伪基站”危害主要表现在:“伪基站”盗用公众无线电通信运营商频率资源,其大功率发射对周边电磁环境造成强烈干扰;“伪基站”绕开公众通信网,如果被别有用心的组织或个人利用,冒用公众服务号码或权威部门编造发送虚假信息,传播谣言或发布煽动性不实言论,会造成难以估量的社会影响,甚至对国家安全造成严重威胁。(杨沫)相关的主题文章: