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Tan Weiwei will debut ten years China first VR concert Tan Weiwei Tan Weiwei will launch the first VR concert Tencent entertainment news (the small video o ocean) 27, singer Tan Weiwei announced in his debut ten years, Chinese launched the first VR (virtual reality) landscape outdoor concert. Tan Weiwei claimed to be obsessed with science and technology has been very interested in VR, but also very optimistic about the concert and the combination of VR technology:". Before trying to do a VR based on MV, to study in the early years of the three or four months, really understand some basic knowledge of VR, a lot of open horizons, finally made a VR based on MV, and the concert in the form of VR not only can give people a full range of exhibition in music and the combination of natural scenes, also can let viewers have direct concert experience." Tan Weiwei said the concert VR will exceed the previous VR concept, "before we see the VR is 180, this is 360 degrees, in addition to let you wear glasses have solid experience, remove the glasses can also feel particularly wonderful world." Why, on the choice of environmental concert Tan Weiwei said, hoping to open the concert is the real nature, in addition to the past and the future and some dialogue, rock and classical dialogue, dialogue, traditional and modern dialogue between man and nature. "Science and technology has changed our environment, with VR technology to show, can let us know the meaning of nature, but also let us feel the importance of the environment." It is reported that the relevant VR live platform will be diversified charges for the concert, so that all can not go to the scene of the audience in front of the phone or computer can also be seen on the scene. The move is considered to be VR platform with the so-called quality of resources to push the toll mode to test the water, the success of the industry’s concern.相关的主题文章: