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"Funny bird": a little bit funny identification is adorable fly a bird, a human girl, with a smile all kinds of birds and animals of the adorable treasure, this is the Hollywood animated film "funny bird Gaiden: Adorable treasure" of the basic set. The film tells the story of Songzi stork junior and human girl Xiao Yu with adorable treasure home adventures escort. Although the film in logic was not smooth, but fortunately it has stunning animation, film or any bird, a funny force mode to open mouth non-stop, in addition to a group of more adorable / K-drama babies (& high warning: adorable baby love obsession with deformation of wolves), so simply want to choose a relaxed and not bad movies, "funny bird Gaiden: Adorable treasure everywhere" (Storks) will be a good choice. The film originated from the "Songzi stork" of folklore, the literal translation is "Songzi stork", but considering the cultural differences, the domestic audience may not be familiar with the story, so the translated version upgrade now, although look very verbose, but especially accurately summarizes the three characteristics of this movie: a little funny, a little "Adorable", plot, logic and really have a little fly". (Note: the Taiwan version of "stork" Hong Kong version of "BB NO.1" keywords Transnet) the so-called "Songzi stork funny" story, that is the Western parents to avoid embarrassment, breaking out with a lie, and Chinese parents commonly used "back" or "bed gouging out" excuse not different. However, who would have thought that some people will use this "lie to deceive children" as a starting point for a movie? From this point of view, as a director and screenwriter Nicholas · Stuller is absolutely a funny force like a brave heart. The character design, the protagonist Junior funny forced open mode, collocation on Andy · Samuboge voice, sound and picture magic complementary. The film begins with Junior described his tragic history of carrying a child, was adorable treasure molested, tearing, poke eyes, at high altitude, fortunately, the world is changing so fast and express industry, Songzi peak development of the times, has become a specialized delivery courier company’s modernization, Juni Shun became a professional express little brother. The film opens with Junior from the perspective of the panorama of a modern pipeline transportation system, then express little buddy to work on time, work every day, the lounge also exchanged a few words. Although the cartoon animal talk not what fresh thing, but see a stork like a dog with an air of importance to life, really funny. In particular, the affectation. Pigeons, daily work caught someone play said he has a girlfriend, ah, it is also difficult, only when a dove mixed large stork group, zeneng mental health. Under the coincidence, Junior and the company’s only a small depression of human employees to create a Meng bao. Junior for the sake of promotion have teamed small Yu secret escort adorable treasure home, do not want to approach small Yu motherhood flooding to see, whining cry at the crash and then more adorable treasure, in a world of ice and snow hit)相关的主题文章: