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The Tencent into the world’s top FIBA partner in the next 9 years to open the era of big basketball Tencent into the world’s top FIBA partner in the next 9 years to open basketball era in September 20, 2016, the Tencent in the FIBA (FIBA) held a press conference in Beijing, announced the foundation on both sides had signed the all terminal media broadcast rights, will further deepen cooperation. The next 9 years, Tencent will become the world’s top FIBA partners in social networks, online payment, social games, electricity providers with a total of four categories of FIBA open cooperation. Tencent · FIBA global strategic cooperation conference held in Beijing with equity cooperation upgrade, mobile Internet connection all in May this year, Tencent, Tencent and FIBA jointly announced that the two sides signed a 2017-2025 for a period of 9 years of comprehensive partnership agreement, the Tencent will be "FIBA digital media Chinese District exclusive partner" status, won the 60 tournament a record, a total of 3000 games over the top international basketball tournament broadcast rights and distribution rights, including the events of FIBA’s broadcast, VOD and short video highlights and other content, then fans will be able to enjoy the main event of FIBA’s men and women and the national youth team, including FIBA, the basketball world cup the Intercontinental Cup and qualifiers, Olympic qualifying tournament, the U19 and U17 world championship. At the same time, the Tencent will also construction and operation of FIBA Chinese website, let China basketball fans can be the first time to obtain the FIBA and events through the FIBA Chinese Authority official website for the latest news. This time, the strategic cooperation between the two sides to upgrade, Tencent further become the FIBA World’s top partner. By then, Tencent, including QQ, WeChat, Penguin live, WeChat payment, Tencent games and other brands and applications will enjoy the relevant interests in the FIBA tournament. At the same time, the Tencent and its brands will be in the FIBA tournament, the world’s top partner to appear inside and outside the stadium, but also through the FIBA global coverage of the event, to the international basketball family to promote products and services exclusive Tencent. "FIBA is pleased to announce the partnership agreement heavyweight, which will further deepen the cooperation between the Tencent and the international basketball federation. The booming China has become one of the most important countries for FIBA and basketball, and there are a lot of basketball legacy." FIBA secretary general, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) chairman Patrick · Bauman said, "we will strive to stimulate the land of basketball more enthusiasm. With a partner like Tencent, we hope to bring basketball into every family in China, not only for the 2019 World Cup in China, but also to achieve a more far-reaching significance." As the highest organization of international basketball, FIBA’s tournament is very rich in resources, has many heavyweight copyright in international competitions, especially the world cup, the European Championship, the Asian Cup and the Olympic qualifying tournament every year, attracting hundreds of millions of fans. Among them, the 2015 FIBA men’s basketball championship has attracted 339 million Chinese spectators watching. Embrace.相关的主题文章: